Did You See Sunny Leone's Pictures In A Saree? They're SO 'Unsanskaari'

Did You See Sunny Leone's Pictures In A Saree? They're SO 'Unsanskaari'

In times like today, people take just a minute to snap. Sometimes for things that matter and other times, for things that absolutely make no sense. One such incident is the banning of Sunny Leone's performance in Bengaluru because apparently, it's an assault on the city's culture! More often than not, we tend to make mountains out of molehills because we can and sometimes, it's not just the way to go about it. However, Sunny has taken it all in the right spirit and we are very very proud of her. This is what she Tweeted in response to Bengaluru police telling her they won't provide security for her New Year's Eve function.

She later shut the haters down by posting a picture of the leading ladies of that era talking about their bold scenes in Bollywood and how they still continue to inspire a million people.

We, however, wanted to address the so-called 'Sanskari' clan of the society to show them how amazingly she carries of any outfit. Be it Indian or Western. But for the 'well behaved' people out there, we have picked two pictures of her in a Saree and believe us when we say this, she slays every outfit, without a single shadow of a doubt!

Gold is the new bold 

Look at that glitter in her eyes, while she is standing with utmost respect in front of one of the leading men of Bollywood!

Don't listen to them, you. Stay strong, Sunny!