He Wasn't Comfortable With Her Working In Adult Films - Sunny Leone Reveals It All!

He Wasn't Comfortable With Her Working In Adult Films - Sunny Leone Reveals It All!

Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber are one of the most genuine couples in all of tinsel town. Whatever your personal opinion of the star maybe, you have to give her credit for always being candid and never shying away from her past. She owns every decision she has made and for that, she has our respect.


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She recently opened up to Humans of Bombay and spoke about the intricacies of her marriage and how she realized that true love is actually a reality. She started from the beginning with how it all began, saying, “We met through Daniel’s bandmate at a club in Vegas. He says it was love at first sight, not for me though, because all we did was make small talk– there weren’t any floating hearts or violins. But somehow he got my number and email ID.

What I liked though, is that he didn’t call me but emailed me instead -- that’s how we started talking. Coincidentally, I was going to New York, where he lived… when he emailed me saying, ‘You’re never going to give me your number, are you?’ Which is when I gave in and he asked me out. 

I was late for our first date. But like a gentleman, he waited patiently. When I finally reached and we started talking -- there was the violin moment. The whole restaurant disappeared and it was just him and me. We talked for 3 hours non stop! We spoke about our cultures, ideas and beliefs. It was amazing...it was like I’d known him forever.”


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She went on to talk about the period when the two were seeing each other saying that it was long but mixed with happy-sad moments that just brought them closer. The Ek Paheli Leela star said, “We had a long courtship -- in the beginning, it was just us talking and getting to know each other. I remember when I was in Oman, in the middle of nowhere -- he sent me a mixed CD and flowers from across the world! I had a stack of calling cards because of how much we spoke! I was in love. Within a few months of us dating, my mother passed away. I’d expect a guy to run away from an emotional responsibility like that -- but he was just there. Not only for me but for my family. I would sometimes wake up crying in the night, and he would just hold me. He didn’t try to fix the situation. He was just present and that’s all that mattered. I knew then that he was the one, but it was his turn to make me wait.”

She even spoke about how Daniel didn’t like her working with other men in the adult film industry and that’s why he started working with her and they put together their own production house. Wow, that’s what love is, standing by each other through it all.

“I remember how it happened like it was yesterday. I was looking around for a box to put my ring in. Randomly, he gave me this beautiful mahogany box which he had made. It said, ‘With Love, Daniel.’ I was so excited with the box when he just casually said, ‘I also have another ring for you!’
YES!! I was jumping -- how could I not? I’m so lucky to have him. The proposal was so simple and quiet -- exactly how I wanted it”, revealed the diva.

Now the lovebirds have been together for seven years and nothing has changed. Praising the love of her life, Sunny said, “He supports every dream of mine like it’s his own-- he makes me believe that anything is possible. And when we’re all together, the kids, me and Danny making us breakfast...life itself is a dream, one I can’t believe I’m living.”

Awwww, this is the sweetest little note ever.

The couple is blessed with three kids- Noah, Asher and Nisha and their family looks picture perfect. Nothing but love to Daniel and Sunny, you guys make us believe that filmy love stories are possible for all of us. 

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