'The House Is Going To Be On Fire': Sunny Leone On Motherhood, Diapers & Her Biopic!

'The House Is Going To Be On Fire': Sunny Leone On Motherhood, Diapers & Her Biopic!

Sunny Leone might be spending time in India for her work commitments but her heart is with her family in Los Angeles. The actress and her husband Daniel Weber are proud parents to three children - Nisha and the twins Asher and Noah and Sunny has been missing them. In an interview with mid-day, when asked about “changing diapers” and mom stuff, the 36-year-old actress opened up about her mommy duties. She said, “I don't want to praise myself, but I think I am doing really well and so is Daniel.”  

She added that twin’s infancy stage is new to them since Nisha was adopted when she was 21 months old, so being a parent is like an adventurous journey for them.


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When asked about Daniel’s score on dad duties, Sunny said, “He is hands-on as a father. In fact, we sometimes fight about who is going to wake Nisha up, or get her ready.” She added, “Now, with the arrival of our two sons, the house is going to be on fire.”

The couple was notified about the IVF transfer of their twins the same day they received adoption confirmation of Nisha. “The amazing thing is that Nisha shows empathy towards the twins, it's nice to see her acting as an elder sister,” Sunny revealed.

“Daniel and I make sure we spend some time during the day only with Nisha, without the twins around, as we don't want her to feel neglected,” Sunny told mid-day.


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The Jism 2 actress has had an elaborate journey in Bollywood and in life. So much so that she’s now ready for her biopic in the form of a film, which she recently announced. She is a former porn star, a Bollywood actress, her journey from wanting to be a nurse to landing Jism 2 has been on her own terms. She’s been a strong person all along and has always explored.  

The makers of her film approached her and she was onboard. The best part is that unlike other biopics, she’ll be enacting her own part. During the trailer launch, Sunny said, “It was a really interesting offer and I was excited. I thought I would be fine but when we started shooting, I realised I was not emotionally prepared. No person would be fine reacting to some really emotional and traumatic moments, that they have pushed away. Going through it once again was really not easy and it was quite a challenging time to pull it off.”

She also spoke about the most difficult scene in the movie, “There was this scene where I tell my parents what I did and I see my father breaking down. I just couldn’t deal with the emotions and broke down myself. Thankfully Daniel was on the set and he handled me. It was really difficult and now that both my parents have passed away, it made it all the more painful.”

It’s not easy to re-enact your life but Sunny sure did it with a brave face on. She’s Sunny Leone, both on and off-screen! More power to her for sharing her inspiring story.

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