Sunny Leone's Event Gets Banned In Bengaluru Because She Won't Be Performing In A ‘Saree’

Sunny Leone's Event Gets Banned In Bengaluru Because She Won't Be Performing In A ‘Saree’

We all know who Sunny Leone is, the actress was all set to perform in Bengaluru, Karnataka which is normal because actors often make appearances across different shows on New Year's Eve, the busiest season for entertainers. But members of the Karnataka Rakshana Vedike Yuva Sena had other plans for 'Sunny Night in Bengaluru NYE 2018'. 

After holding two protests and threatening to kill themselves, they demanded a ban on the performance, claiming it to be an 'assault' on Karnataka. Harish, state president, KRV Yuva Sena said "If Sunny Leone comes in a saree and performs, we don't have any issues. But this won't be the case. We shouldn't encourage such events that are a threat to our culture."

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How does a saree ensure modesty? Go figure. Slut-shaming is turning out to be an increasingly successful way of dealing with uncomfortable situations. A woman's clothes do not give you the consent to question her intentions, also, aren't you the same people who watch her 'videos'? 

Though Sunny hasn't issued a statement on the topic as yet, the government has made its decision. "We have denied permission fearing law and order problems in the wake of protests by pro-Kannada outfits and also keeping in view the directions of the Karnataka High Court in a molestation case reported on MG Road last New Year's Eve," Home Minister, R Ramalinga Reddy told TOI. 

So people who had anticipated to end the year on a high note with Sunny Leone will be sadly disappointed. Honestly though, shouldn't we pick our battles wisely? If you have to protest, then do it for the safety of the women who you 'claim' to be protecting, wouldn't that make more sense? Either way, the damage has been done, we gave way to public outrage.