Sunny Leone & Daniel Weber Have Just Become Proud Parents To Two Baby Boys

Sunny Leone & Daniel Weber Have Just Become Proud Parents To Two Baby Boys

It was back in July 2017 that Sunny Leone delighted us with news of having adopted 21-month-old Nisha Kaur Weber, with her husband, Daniel Weber.

Now, the happy family has gotten even bigger! Sunny took to her Instagram to share with her fans and followers a beautiful portrait of the smiling faces of the two new adorable members of the family - Asher and Noah Singh Weber - their baby boys.   

In the caption, Sunny said, "We planned and tried to have a family and after so many years our family is now complete with Asher Singh Weber, Noah Singh Weber and Nisha Kaur Weber. Our boys were born a few weeks ago but were alive in our hearts and eyes for many years. God planned something so special for us and gave us a large family.We are both the proud parents of three beautiful children." The couple seem incredibly happy and for good reason! 

Daniel also took to Twitter to announce the arrival of the lovely little boys. The joyous father within him didn't hold back when it came to expressing his happiness and love for his wonderful family on social media.

Little Nisha Kaur Weber, was adopted from an orphanage in Latur, Maharashtra, while the boys - Noah and Asher - are Sunny and Daniel's biological children borne through surrogacy.

Here's wishing the couple a hearty congratulations and a life filled with all the joy and happiness that their hearts can contain!