The Ugly Truth: Sunny Deol Reveals Why He Hasn't Spoken To Shah Rukh Khan In 16 Years

The Ugly Truth: Sunny Deol Reveals Why He Hasn't Spoken To Shah Rukh Khan In 16 Years

Darr, the Yash Chopra film from 1993 with superstars Sunny Deol and Juhi Chawla, is still one of the most iconic movies of Indian cinema. But sadly, neither of these actors are the reason behind the movie's memorable success. Darr was the turning point of Shah Rukh Khan's career. The actor had, at that point, delivered just one hit, Baazigar, and the Badshah earned the spotlight after playing the obsessive lover and villain in this movie. 

But behind the scenes of this movie reveal a different story. Sunny Doel and Shah Rukh Khan haven't spoken to each other since its release 16 years ago! In an interview with Rajat Sharma on Aap Ki Adalat, Sunny Deol revealed he had disagreements on the sets about the movie and its climax.

The actor said that he didn't agree with the climax scene when his character was killed. Sunny Deol played an army officer in the movie who was killed by an ordinary man and it didn't make sense to him. Sunny Deol even revealed that he was so angry during the filming of this scene that to control his anger and not create a scene on set, he put his hands in his pockets and tore his jeans from inside out.

Sunny Deol stated in a recent press interaction that at the end of the day, people loved him in the film just as they loved Shah Rukh Khan. But he revealed that his only issue with the film was that he did not know that the filmmaker would glorify the villain. The actor said that he believes in working with trust and always has an open heart. However, he was disappointed that many actors and stars don’t function in this manner and find another way to their stardom.

The actor has also expressed his disagreement with late filmmaker Yash Chopra, who was the director of Darr. "I’ll never work with Yash Chopra again. He isn’t a man of his words. I don’t have good memories about him, he betrayed my faith in him," Sunny Deol said to a magazine soon after the controversy in 1993.

Shah Rukh Khan, on the other hand, has chosen to not comment on the issue all these years. Let's hope that the differences between them resolve soon.

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