Go Goa? Don't! Sunburn To Take Place In The Middle Of A Pandemic & Twitter Isn't Having It

Go Goa? Don't! Sunburn To Take Place In The Middle Of A Pandemic & Twitter Isn't Having It

It's November 2020, we're almost a year into a global pandemic, but the organisers of the Sunburn Goa festival seem to be living in an alternate dimension. While most of us are confined to our homes and stepping out only when absolutely necessary, the people behind Sunburn decided it was a good idea to host a music festival...and not the virtual kind.

Yes, we know that 'precautions will be in place', but how exactly are they going to ensure that people maintain social distancing at a concert? The organisers announced they will maintain a 20% capacity, have thermal screenings and ban entry without the Aarogya Setu app. But unless they literally plan to test people for COVID-19 at the entrance, these measures are not enough. Given how highly infectious the virus is, it'll only take one asymptomatic person to spread it to a large number of people.

Twitter Erupts In Memes

When the news of the festival was announced, Twitterati were not amused. And they expressed their feelings in typical Twitter fashion--memes, humour and sarcasm!


Waiting for Sunburn to say "psyche!" any moment

Paresh Rawal said what we're all thinking

Interesting question

Sugar coated words: not found

Snoop Dog would not approve!

Read the room, maybe?

A collective face-palm moment

Asking very important questions

Coronavirus has entered the chat

Dear Sunburn organisers, maybe it's time you took a second to realise that...actual lives are at stake here?! So please read the room, and make the festival virtual. The pandemic is far from over.

Featured Image: Unsplash