Ruhail Amin Finally Talks About Sunaina Roshan: "They Did Not Approve Of Our Friendship"

Ruhail Amin Finally Talks About Sunaina Roshan: "They Did Not Approve Of Our Friendship"

Last week, Sunaina Roshan hit the headlines for her statements against her family, especially her father, filmmaker Rakesh Roshan and brother, actor Hrithik Roshan. Sunaina has publicly stated that her family is against her boyfriend Ruhail Amin because he is a Muslim and she accused them of bigotry. 

Ruhail Amin, who is a New Delhi-based journalist, finally opened up about the issue in an interview with a news channel. "This incident has once again exposed the dark underbelly of identity politics at play in today’s liberal times which are totally uncalled for," he stated when asked about the opinion that Sunaina’s family shares of him. 

He also responded about being called a terrorist by Rakesh Roshan, because he hails from Kashmir, "Labeling someone an extremist just because he/she belongs to a certain religion is outrageous and needs to be condemned."


He went on to reveal that Sunaina’s parents are unhappy about the bond Ruhail and Sunaina share. "They did not approve of our friendship," Ruhail said. "I also got to know that her parents put a security ring around her post our friendship, and when she told me about it my first reaction was of disbelief and later a good laugh," he added. 

Ruhail revealed that the two met a while ago when he was working on entertainment stories for a news channel, "We lost touch and reconnected through social media.” But has he been in touch with her now? "She wants to restart her life on a positive note and wants her family to support her decisions," Ruhail said, agreeing that they have been speaking.


Ruhail also mentioned the irony in the fact that Hrithik Roshan was previously married to Sussane Khan, who is also a Muslim. In addition to this, Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel has been tweeting relentlessly in support of Sunaina Roshan.

In her recent tweet, Rangoli said that Sunaina would talk to Kangana and her every day in the last month, crying about her situation, saying her family abuses and sedates her. In her recent interview with an entertainment website, Sunaina said, “Last year and because I was in love with a Muslim guy, my father slapped me and told me that the guy I loved was a terrorist, which Ruhail isn’t. If he was one, would he go scot-free and work in the media? Wouldn’t he have been behind bars? I met Ruhail through Facebook last year but I hadn’t saved his number as I didn’t want my parents to know.”

The Roshan family has chosen not to comment on the situation following Sunaina’s interview. 

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