Suhana Khan Shows Us How To Strap On A Pair Of Cami Dresses All Day Every Day!

Suhana Khan Shows Us How To Strap On A Pair Of Cami Dresses All Day Every Day!

Suhana safar
Aur ye mausam haseen...

The song that plays in our head, courtesy Suhana Khan and her easy breezy vacation outfits.

Suhana is all of us after graduation - chilling with friends and travelling the world - except that she's actually doing all this. After a 'Suhana' safar in Venice, the 18-year-old was seen chilling in London and her outfit has once again caught our attention. She is more of an 'if you've got it, flaunt it' kind of girl - something we too live by. Her strappy little dress is proof of it.

1 suhana khan - strappy dress hot pic london

Image: Instagram

Suhana wore a grey cami dress with a denim jacket and sneakers and that's all we're packing for our next vacation now. Not only are they slip-into-sexy fantastic, they wouldn't take up much space in your luggage so you can pack more and still travel light. Plus, they're a stylish way to add a tinge of bold and a hint of cleavage to your OOTD.

In fact, Suhana has always been a fan of the strappy sleeve style.

2 suhana khan - ibrahim and aryan khan

3 suhana khan - hot vacation pictures

4 suhana khan - with mother gauri khan

5 suhana khan - black cami top

All her recent pictures have her sporting a cool cami, sometimes as a dress, other times as a top. So, pack it for your celeb-approved vacay look or just wear it out for a fun date with your girls! 

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