Suhana Khan's 18th Birthday: Here's A Trip Down Memory Lane To Celebrate Her Big Day!

Suhana Khan's 18th Birthday: Here's A Trip Down Memory Lane To Celebrate Her Big Day!

It's Suhana Khan's day to blow out 18 candles! And if you have missed all her latest appearances, you can just head to our everything-you-need-to-know-guide-to-star-kids. Suhana the only daughter of King Khan and his Queen Bee, Gauri Khan. Does that make Suhana a princess? Well, she sure looks like one, given her much celebrated sense of style. She's made news loads of times, from being spotted in a tangerine Herve Leger dress to being unfazed in the face of all the trolls out to judge her. SRK's not-so-little princess proves that while life for the celeb kids may not be easy, with the paparazzi following them 24*7, it certainly is glamorous. 

Mommy, Gauri marked her baby girl's 18th birthday with a post on Instagram. She shared a stunning picture of the starlet and we (along with the internet) were left gaga.


Gearing up for a birthday bash... Thanks @karanjohar Pic credits: @avigowariker

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We took a little inspiration from Gauri Khan and thought we'd do a little curation of our own to celebrate this big occasion. We take you on a trip down memory lane and toast the newly-turned adult!

What a precious moment between daddy and his baby girl.

This family is just picture perfect in every frame. And look at the two little munchkins, Aryan and Suhana!?


Coffee Novel Midnight Perfect love triangle

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Suhana is besties with Ananya Pandey and Shanaya Kapoor and the tiny tots have held each other's hand through childhood and are now stepping into the grown-up life together as well. 



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A proud daddy with his two lil cuties!

Oh, those swimsuit babes!

Daddy King Khan is always beaming around the apple of his eye. And Suhana looks just as joyous.


T h i s l i k e 💫🌌

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Khandaan matching in the classic white and blue combo, we love it!


Wishing #SuhanaKhan a very Happy Birthday

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All three of these strapping kids look like elegance personified. 


Love this picture ❤❤

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Suhana sure made heads turn and headlines too, at this family wedding with her looks going viral on social media.


Hello there Moodbooster 💚💚😘

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From those swimsuits to these, the new gen of Bolly butterflies look like they're all ready to flap their wings.


Happy birthday Sue, we love you ❤️

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Awww, this sibling love is what we live for!

She's clearly looking for a career in films just like her papa and with poses like this, we're sure she's ready for it too.


Having the time of your life in your teens ...❤

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Here's looking at you, kid.

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Here's wishing you a very happy 18th birthday and welcome to adulthood, Suhana! It's a trap but you'll have fun!