Suhana Khan's 'Short Dress' Became The Internet's Problem Because, Sanskaar!

Suhana Khan's 'Short Dress' Became The Internet's Problem Because, Sanskaar!

One thing that we know for certain is that Suhana Khan is already a star in her own right, following in her parents' footsteps. Recently, Gauri Khan revealed to the paparazzi that daughter, Suhana was all set to appear in her first magazine cover and she can't wait! She's already a media favourite when it comes to celeb-spotting on Instagram and every news feed. But, Suhana is also known to be a loyal friend to her close friends who make no small measure of showing it proudly to the world - through social media, of course. At the age of 17, she is already an internet sensation and branded as the next star to look out for. 

But, what also comes along with the territory of being a star kid, is the constant criticism online; especially the trolling. And that's exactly what Suhana had to face recently when Gauri Khan posted a picture of her, along with her niece, Alia Chibber, and grandmother, Savita Chibber, on Instagram. Check it out here! 


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Could you find one thing possibly wrong in this photo? Well, we couldn't either. But, there are some users who seem to have found Suhana wearing a short dress to meet her elders disrespectful. Some of them even went on to say that Suhana has no manners, or any shame. 

Some of those nasty comments were: 

Suhana Khan troll 1

Suhana khan troll 2

There are a few things that bother us about these comments.  

1. We need to stop judging women on the basis of the length of their skirts, dresses or tops. 

2. Suhana Khan, and any other girl, has the complete freedom to wear whatever she wants because she lives in a free country. We have to respect her choice to wear a mini skirt, a maxi one, or even a kurta. 

3. Women don't dress for men, or for the countless people spending time on the internet. They dress for themselves and if a short dress makes any woman feel confident and happy about her body then that's exactly how she should play it. 

4. Wearing a short dress has absolutely nothing to do with disrespecting anyone. How it hurts any Indian values, or morals is an absolutely ludicrous point to make. What actually goes against our values is disrespecting women and the choices they make. 

But, do we talk about that enough? No. 

Maybe, it's time that we did start talking about the narrow-minded mentality more than the lengths of our dresses.