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Miss Khan Is Having A *Suhana Safar* In Venice Thanks To This Flirty Off-Shoulder Dress

Miss Khan Is Having A *Suhana Safar* In Venice Thanks To This Flirty Off-Shoulder Dress

Isn't it the perfect time to take a holiday? Then again, when is it not? For Suhana Khan, for instance, the vacation never ends. Despite the massive wave of FOMO that washes over us when we spot Suhana's holiday pictures, this time it's her glowing tan that we're jealous of.

The star kid is exploring Venice with a friend and seems to be having the 'tan' of her life. 

suhana venice off shoulder 2

Suhana set sail on the canals of Venice in a white and blush pink floral dress! We hardly ever see floral print on her, so you understand where our excitement is coming from. Suhana, as you know, loves her basics - jeans, shorts, tank tops - and that's mostly what we spot her in, even when she is on a holiday. 

suhana venice

It was a pleasant surprise to see the more flirty and feminine side to her in this dress. The ruffle and off-shoulder detail on her dress adds to it even more.

suhana venice off shoulder 3

Suhana wasn't riding solo though. A friend was with her and as you can tell, the two were twinning to the T. While Suhana was wearing a white and pink off-shoulder dress, her friend chose a red and baby pink one.

Another reason to buy a cute off-shoulder dress, BRB.

Images sourced from @suhanakhan_fb on Instagram

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Published on Aug 9, 2018
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