Well, We Sure Didn't See Suhana Khan's Long Skirt Teamed With This Risqué Pick Coming!

 Well, We Sure Didn't See Suhana Khan's Long Skirt Teamed With This Risqué Pick Coming!

Not being able to step out may have affected our sartorial styles initially but if you are all about decking up for yourselves and uplifting the mood, there is no stopping you. Much like Suhana Khan, TBH. Often sharing her outfit and jewellery looks via her Instagram, the 20-year-old added yet another attire that caught our eye and boy, what a cool-chic apparel match it is!

Suhana Khan's Boho-Chic Outfit

Keep scrolling to see her latest look before going on to find similar economical separates for yourself. 

Making Breezy Pairings Work


In her most recent look on Instagram, Suhana Khan made a statement in easy separates with a refreshing spin to them. Going the bohemian route with her choice of outfit, the Zoomer opted to wear a distinctive crop top and a flared skirt. Featuring an all-over print across it, the top came with tie-up detail at the front, complete with ¾  sleeves. Also incorporated was a plunging neckline that could have made pulling off the crop top a bit trickier but Suhana Khan wore it with effortless ease. An anti-fit maxi skirt in white was added to the mix; what appeared to be embroidered motifs appeared in restraint in the roomy number. Given its colour, the skirt of choice perfectly complemented the exaggerated details on the top, creating a balanced look.

Barefoot and posing out in the sun, the 20-year-old’s relaxed yet striking outfit is one that can be styled similarly at home and bookmarked for later alike. Distinctive in its pairing, the outfit is definitely one that leaves a mark. Choose from midriff-baring crop tops, ranging from similar full-sleeved picks to more dainty finds, along with a similar skirt with elegance to spare. Here’s looking.


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Printed Flared Skirt with Pom-Poms


Makeup & Accessories

Posing from a distance, Suhana Khan appeared to be playing low on the jewellery front, ditching heavy add-ons though we are almost certain she wore the go-to pendant she is rarely seen without. If a sun-kissed picture like the Gen Zer is on your mind, don't forget to add an impeccable beauty look to the mix. For tried-and-tested makeup essentials that never fail to impress, scroll and find the items we put together for you. Add to cart if you are running low on your existing stock. 


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