Suhana Khan Becomes The Target Of Trolls Once Again & The Hate Needs To Stop!

Suhana Khan Becomes The Target Of Trolls Once Again & The Hate Needs To Stop!

Shah Rukh Khan's darling daughter Suhana Khan has grown up to become a beautiful and confident young woman. Suhana's already become a celebrity. The paparazzi follow her wherever she goes and despite not having a public Instagram account, the diva has many fan-clubs posting pictures of her. 

The downside of stardom is that she's always under scrutiny and she is subjected to a lot of trolling and harsh criticism. She's judged for the way she dresses, for the clothes she wears, for all the holidays she takes and the people she hangs out with. For some strange reason, among various star kids, King Khan's daughter seems to attract more trolls and haters than the others.

The star-kid recently got her first-ever photo shoot for Vogue and while some fans loved her look, most of them felt they could just pour out their viciousness.

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Suhana has been targeted not once, but many times. She seems to be an easy target for trolls. From getting called out for nepotism to being slut-shamed, Suhana has faced more abhorrence than admiration every time a picture of her has surfaced online.

After pictures of her wearing a brown bikini appeared, she got a barrage of hate and was also criticised for not being 'Muslim enough'.

Hiding behind the screen and loathing someone is the easiest thing to do. But being under the radar and not letting it get you down takes a lot of strength and nerves of steel. Meme makers and misanthropists don't realise that she's only a 19-year-old girl, who has immense pressure to live up to so many expectations given her family. 

However good or bad her interview, photo shoot or pictures may be, calling names and execrating her is extremely insensitive. We wonder what makes people think that they can say anything about anyone and get away with it. What gives someone the right to spew out such sick comments? She's a young girl, a teenager, and she's not immune to rejection. Kids her age have body image issues and immense insecurities about how they look, so imagine how she feels when she reads comments that suggest she needs a plastic surgery. It takes basic human grace to realise this and these haters are really not stopping to think!

We wish Suhana strength and resilience. We really admire her for stepping out with her head held high and her heels higher, paying no heed to the haters. You're a brave girl, Suhana. More power to you!

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