Suhana Khan Steps Out In A Bikini & The Trolls Are Outright Mean!

Suhana Khan Steps Out In A Bikini & The Trolls Are Outright Mean!

You’d think Bollywood star kids have everything they could ever want, but it’s disheartening to see they don’t have the right to their privacy. A weekend for you and me would mean doing whatever we wanted with friends, not having to let the whole world know what we’re up to. It’s not the same for Bollywood Badshah, Shahrukh Khan’s daughter, Suhana Khan and her friends.

After what seemed like a getaway to kick back and relax, pictures of Suhana in a bikini were all over the internet today. To us, it's just a 17-year-old having some harmless fun with her best friend, splashing around in the pool - taking silly boomerangs and selfies. 

But not to the numerous Instagram trolls, apparently. Amongst inappropriate remarks all over Instagram and elsewhere about Suhana's choice of swimwear were troll comments that left a bad taste in our mouths:

Capture 1

Capture 2

Sure, she looks like SRK, her dad! Don't most of us look like either of our parents? But going as far as to comment on her appearance in a nasty and negative way - that's unnecessary and TBH, none of your business, trolls. Suhana looks like she had a fun weekend, and everyone deserves some fun, Bollywood star child or not.

Good on you, Suhana! You do you, girl. 

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