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10 Stylish Dresses You Can Actually Wear While Travelling

Whenever I’m travelling, wherever I’m travelling, like most other women, I always pack my best outfits and wear whatever is left in the closet while on my way to the airport, which usually are my joggers and an old tee. Even if I’m going on a road trip, I’ll carry my giant travel bag and wear comfy loungewear which is not always stylish for them ‘en route’ photos we all stop to take. Comfort always takes priority for me, especially while travelling, which often makes me lose points on fashion.

I always wonder how celebrities do it while looking what they look like. And I figured a fashion hack for all my travels - dresses - travel-friendly dresses!

1 dresses - bollywood celebrities

Just make sure your dress is knee length or longer for a comfortable journey and the neckline isn’t too deep, you don't want to keep adjusting it while travelling.

Celebs are wearing dresses to the airport all the time and there’s no stopping them. And, now us! Here are some of our favourite dresses that you can wear for a comfortable and chic travel wherever you go.

Keep your travel playlist at the ready and achieve those celeb-like airport looks effortlessly.

Published on Jun 10, 2018
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