Sonam Modi Of SVA On Styling Mistakes To Avoid If You're All About Prints!

Sonam Modi Of SVA On Styling Mistakes To Avoid If You're All About Prints!

From the humble stripes to that old, tartan shirt, almost every one of us have something printed in our wardrobes. But today, we aren’t here to talk about your modest prints that more often than not, escape notice. We are here to talk about some exuberant details, glorious fabrics with a lot of personality, and in-your-face prints. 

The general notion goes that prints and patterns are very personal and they aren’t for everyone. And while we agree with the first part of that statement, we absolutely refute the second half. Prints are so full of life, they deserve a coveted space in everyone’s closet, and the truth is that anyone can wear prints and ace them provided they know how to style them. Which brings us to the most important question: how to ace that print-girl life especially when there is so much scope to go wrong here?

Well, we got the experts to answer this and more questions pertaining to prints. In a recent chat with POPxo, Sonam Modi of SVA helped us with a full-fledged masterclass on prints. Also, just in case you aren’t that much into prints--brace yourself ‘coz you are about to get converted. She predicts "bright colours, lots of bold prints, and larger than life, exaggerated motifs,” would reign the 2021 fashion scene and here’s everything you need to know about styling them right.

Mistakes To Avoid While Styling A Printed Outfit

The common notion ‘prints are for pros’ comes from the tons of faux pas people have made while experimenting with prints. Admittedly, it is easy to go wrong with prints. And while fashion and style have no fixed formula, there are some basics that you should master. Now, in order to go right, you need to understand where you are going wrong first. According to Sonam, here are five styling mistakes that you should avoid while styling your printed garments:

Wearing Print That Doesn’t Suit Your Body Type

It is important that we choose prints that suit our body type. As Sonam explains “If you’re very petite, large prints might drown you, but they will work perfectly well if you're medium to large built.” The formula is simple--look for prints directly proportional to your body type and you’d be gold. That said, while curvy people can still explore smaller prints, those with petite frames should steer clear of exaggerated prints at all costs.

 Over Styling A Printed Look 

Always remember that less is more when it comes to styling your printed separates. This is exactly why you have to style the look while keeping in mind that your printed separate is the statement piece and everything else just the supporting cast. According to Sonam, a solid coloured basic with a printed jacket or cape gives a lovely balanced look. “Style it with an oversized bag,” she adds.

Printed Accessories With Printed Clothes

When styling printed garments, Sonam advises that you go easy on the accessories and keep them solid. “Wear statement accessories which do not have prints, solid colours in neutral shades would be an ideal choice,” she shares.

Clashing Too Many Prints & Textures

At the end of the day, you want to create a harmonious look that is impactful without being distracting. Long things short--you don’t want to throw in a variety of prints and textures and look like a loaded bowl of salad. “Using strong colours in prints, teamed with contrasting solid basics can create a powerful look,” says Sonam. But draw a line after that. When trying contrast, you don’t want to throw in a neon green polka shirt with an orange, striped skirt. Nope! 

Too Much Contrast In Prints 

Well, prints on prints are nice and all, but it can quickly fall apart. The instant you go even a little overboard. As Sonam explains, “contrasting print on print could be a disaster, if the prints chosen are not in sync.” For the beginners, she suggests that opting for print-on-print co-ords can be a good starting point. Once, you feel safer in that territory you can then go on experimenting a little more. This actually brings us to our next point...

Five Print Pairings That Work Like Magic


The world knows that print-on-print styling is easier talked about than done. But what if we had a set array of pairs that are bound to work like a match made in heaven? Sounds like a dream but totally doable! Here are five Sonam Modi-approved print pairings that'll work like magic:

Stripes With Polka Dots


It is a great way to add some retro fun to your wardrobe. You can also try stripes with hand embroidery that creates a polka effect or vice versa. 

Stripes On Stripes


Stripes of different widths such as pinstripes with candy stripes, jailer stripes with bankers add a cool linear montage to your curated look.

Watercolour Florals With Gingham Pastels


This pairing works wonder for the summer wardrobe. It instantly transports you to the 50s.

Clash Of Ethnic Prints


Boho chic aesthetic is incomplete without the classic clash of ethic patterns such as block prints like ajrakh with batik, paisley with chintz, etc. However, make sure the palette comprises tertiary, earthy hues. 

Check On Check


In case you want to create a graphic effect, mix checks and houndstooth in monochrome for a very 60s optical illusion feels.

Lastly, don't forget to have fun while you show off your printed outfit. After all, that's the entire idea of playing with prints and patterns, right?

Featured Image Courtesy: Sonam & Paras Modi