Do You Have A Work BFF? Study Reveals The Reason Why You Need One IRL

Do You Have A Work BFF? Study Reveals The Reason Why You Need One IRL

How much time do you spend at your workplace? Well, on average, I spend 45-47 hours a week at work and maybe you do too. So, we better like the people we work with, right? But, there's a difference between the kind of people you come across at work. One is a work associate (someone with whom you share your work desk) and a work BFF (a person with whom you share all the office goss and a lot many other things). 

And if you thought a work BFF can only help you with the usual office politics, challenges and other day to day ups and downs, we've got this interesting piece of information for you!  Turns out, having a BFF at work is all that you need to make your work life not just happy but also more productive at the same time. Yes, you read that right!

A global survey conducted by Workplace Trends suggests that about 60% of employees (surveyed across 10 countries) claim that they would not hesitate in working for long years at an organisation, provided they had more friends at the workplace. The study conducted on over 2,000 employees found out that people now depend on technology to communicate with their teammates. While 45% of employees use e-mail, 12% use text messages to speak to their colleagues. About 40% of those who mentioned e-mail as a means to communicate, also suggested that they often feel lonely and have a higher need to be socially connected to others.

How Having A BFF At Work Helps You Climb The Ladder To Success

Close Bonds At Work=Support Mechanism

Another survey done by Comparably (reported by a leading business agency) reveals that connecting and bonding with people at work boosts our mood and morale. The study also suggests that friendships at work provide you with the emotional as well as the psychological strength required in order to deal with all the challenges that come your way.

Many of us feel the need to have a BFF at work, don't we? 'Coz your friend is very person who helps you remain sane. Well, I can think of a few more reasons why you should make a work bestie right THIS second:

1. Whether it is a good phase or a rough patch, your best friend will stick by your side and this kind of support at work is definitely quite valuable.

2. Having a BFF at work not only gives you someone to share your ideas with and also someone who will hear you rant about your other colleagues.

3. Above all, your BFF will not hesitate but sympathise with your opinions.

Dissatisfied With The Job? Make A BFF!

The Workplace Trends study also found that 7% of all employees globally have no friends at work and just 3.5% have five or even fewer total friends. The studies further suggest that millennials, nowadays, are not too content or satisfied with their professional lives. And as more and more companies now rely on digital interaction and not in-person communication, it, therefore, takes personal effort to be able to make a BFF that helps you sail through bad times.

Work BFFs Help Reduce Stress

The study also suggests that constant stress and anxiety are major reasons why the younger generation lacks BFFs at work. Well, your bestie sure can help you deal with that. They might get you your favourite milkshake or a cup of tea while you are dealing with stress to meet deadlines. Isn't it? They might also plan a shopping therapy or a random outing post work if you've had a bad day at work. Doesn't this sound fun?

Having Job Stability Issues? Friends At Work Might Come To Your Rescue

Having BFFs at your workplace not only amounts to greater accomplishments but also correlates to job stability. No matter how tough your job is, it is definitely a nice feeling to have someone at work who knows the real you and helps you keep things in perspective. Studies suggest that many people owe their success to their BFFs at work!

BRB, going to socialise with my co-workers!

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