No Place To Raise Your Voice: Kerala Student & Many Others Slammed For Anti-CAA Protests

No Place To Raise Your Voice: Kerala Student & Many Others Slammed For Anti-CAA Protests

After the Citzenship Amendment Act came into effect on December 18, the country saw it all: protests, dissent, rage and brutal assault by the police. In fact, many states in our country are still burning. The death toll in the violence that occurred during protests against the CAA in Uttar Pradesh's Meerut rose to five two days ago. The police's bullet killed a man in UP's Bijnor a few days ago. And many students were injured during protests in Jamia Millia Islamia and Aligarh Muslim University. The aftermath of CAA has shook the country to its core. And now new reports are coming in about students who raised their voices against CAA are facing the brunt.

Thrown Out Of Convocation

In a social media post shared by Rabeeha Abdurehim, a gold medal winner from Pondicherry University has alleged that she was not allowed to attend the convocation ceremony that took place yesterday. Rabeeha, who is from Kerala and had done her Masters course in Mass Communication also refused to accept the gold medal to express solidarity with students participating in anti-CAA protests. In her Facebook post, she claimed that she was asked by a senior police officer to leave the auditorium before the ceremony could kick-off.

Take a look at the post:

German Student Asked To Leave

Jacob Lindenthal, a German student who was a part of a students' group from IIT-Madras, participated in protests against the CAA and NRC in Chennai. And when his pictures, holding placards and joining the protests in solidarity with others went viral, he was asked by the authorities to leave India. Jacob's post-graduation in Physics only ends in May 2020, otherwise. He was allegedly told to vacate the country on account of violating student visa rules after his participation in the protests. Jacob shared, "There were apparently administration issues with my visa. After ruling these out, I was extensively questioned by the immigration officer about my political opinions. Then I was informed about the decision (asking him to leave)."

Student Trolled For Sending Out A Strong Message


A few days ago, the picture of a girl wearing hijab and holding a placard that read, 'Mr Modi, I am Indulekha. Identify me by my dress?' went viral. While many applauded her sharp wit, she was brutally trolled. Responding to name-calling and whether the trolls scared her, she said, "I am not scared. If we have our family with me, we don't have to fear at all. However, my parents are worried after my photograph went viral".

The 17-year-old is a first-year law student at the Government Law College in Ernakulam, Kerala.

Many Raised Their Voices In Solidarity With Students

Meanwhile, sections of social media have come out in support of these students. Check out a few comments doing the rounds on Twitter.

#NoNetBandi: Internet Shutdown, A Grappling Concern

Over 60% of the country's population comprises young people who are currently expressing their concern over the increasing number of Internet shutdowns across the country, especially in Uttar Pradesh and Northeast over the past few days. Not just that, our country is now infamous for the shutdowns and has also been termed as the 'internet shutdown capital of the world'. Owing to this, citizens have now started an online petition to urge the government to stop Internet shutdown in India. A minimum of nine states across the country faced Internet shutdowns in December 2019 alone.

You can click here to sign the petition. 

Students are at the forefront of massive protests against CAA, proving that they aren't taking bullshit anymore. Here's hoping that we only emerge stronger as a country.

Featured Image: Twitter and Livemint

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