A New Look From SOTY 2 Has Been Revealed And Boy Does Tiger Shroff Look Fine!

A New Look From SOTY 2 Has Been Revealed And Boy Does Tiger Shroff Look Fine!

When it comes to Bollywood, not all of us can jump on the bandwagon with absolute glee. Especially when it comes to glam and glitzy movies that are shot in exotic locations, with Instagram-worthy backdrops, and actors with snazzy outfits to boot.

And speaking of glittery Bollywood movies, of course, Karan Johar tops the list of making a movie that set really high and unrealistic goals for average school and college going kids! You may have loved it, you may have hated it, but if there's one thing about Student Of The Year, is that you definitely couldn't ignore it. The songs were stuck in your head like the most irreplaceable earworm (here's looking at you Radha), there were memes that stayed with us for months (what up, 'Ishq Waala Love), and set the anthem for every celebration and house party scenes ever (yes, thank you Disco Deewane). 

It's been six years since then (I couldn't believe it either), and I hope you're braced for this announcement: Karan Johar has officially confirmed that Student Of The Year 2 is officially making its way to theatres on 23 November 2018! 

The movie will star Tiger Shroff, and the first look of the poster with Shroff casually flaunting his abs, has us going va-va-voom! Punit Malhotra will be directing this venture, and I'm pretty sure fans out there are going to be stoked to see what the movie has in store for them. 

Rumours through the Bollywood grapevine are ripe with guesses for who the lead actress is going to be, with Disha Patani and Ananya Pandey reportedly being considered for the lead roles. But your guess is as good as ours!