'Stree' Trailer With Shraddha Kapoor & Rajkummar Rao Is Hilariously Horrifying

'Stree' Trailer With Shraddha Kapoor & Rajkummar Rao Is Hilariously Horrifying

Bollywood hasn't fully explored the concept of horror comedy, a genre that opened up to mainstream cinema with Go Goa Gone. But now, it has found yet another taker. While Stree's teaser might have left people scared, but the trailer has us holding our stomachs in laughter. Rajkummar Rao's impeccable comic timing and impressive acting skills seem to be holding the film, directed by Dinesh Vijan, together. The movie is based on the legend of Nale Ba, where a witch was said to roam the streets of Karnataka and knock on houses until they opened the doors. However, the residents started writing 'Nale Ba' which means come back tomorrow, so she would leave and the cycle continued. 

While Shraddha Kapoor's role in the trailer seems pretty dismissable, her regular girl-next-door act is a repetition from the rest of her movies. Hopefully, she'll manage to surprise and maybe scare us once she dons the 'Stree' look. 

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Fingers crossed for the release on August 31st! 

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