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Celebrating 20 Years Of Sabyasachi With A Rare Look Inside His Beautiful Home

Celebrating 20 Years Of Sabyasachi With A Rare Look Inside His Beautiful Home

It has been over 20 years since a certain NIFT graduate from Kolkata started an Indian wear label with a tiny room and only three employees on board. Today, Sabyasachi Mukherjee's name finds a spot on the pages of every Indian bride's wedding planner.

It all started with a teenager making a determined beeline for his dream of going to NIFT to study to be a designer - even though his parents disagreed. How did he do it? He sold his books to be able to afford the admission form, took the exam and thus started the journey to becoming the game changer that he is.

To celebrate his 20 years in the industry, our Founder and CEO, Priyanka Gill was invited to a special and intimate lunch with the artist and icon, at his Kolkata house. Guests, including the countries top fashion editors, played nostalgia-inducing games, sipped on champagne and lunched on a beautiful European spread that included homemade bread. 



Image source: Instagram

Over the afternoon, Sabyasachi, a most gracious host, shared his plans for the future, his love for Indian textiles, and more. The images across Instagram made us feel like revisting the beautiful body of work he's created and his journey from his promising beginnings to his inspiring present, all lit up by streaks of brilliance. 

The Sabyasachi Story

It was almost sudden, Mukherjee's rise to the top. The decade post-launch passed by with Sabyasachi winning awards, being invited to esteemed international showcases in Paris, New York and the likes, working with labels such as Jean Paul Gautier and making social statements at his fashion shows. The first of these statements was made in 2004 via his Frog Princess collection, a display of bohemian silhouettes made using Indian textiles. Five days ago, Sabyasachi revealed what inspired the unique showcase... 




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20 years of Sabyasachi. #Sabyasachi #20 #20YearsOfSabyasachi #TheWorldOfSabyasachi

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20 years of Sabyasachi. Illustration by @jasjyotjasjyot #Sabyasachi #20 #20YearsOfSabyasachi #TheWorldOfSabyasachi

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The Frog Princess made an obvious impression and earned him a spot to display it at Browns London, once voted as the best shopping destination in the world.  




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20 years of Sabyasachi. #Sabyasachi #20 #20YearsOfSabyasachi #TheWorldOfSabyasachi

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And with that, the label established its name globally. A Sabyasachi possession wasn't just considered 'exotic', it was deemed individualistic and expressive. In 2008, Sabya launched his own jewellery line; in 2009, his first ever men's collection and in 2012, a kidswear line called Chota Sabya. Sabyasachi had officially come into the limelight, all the while having stayed close to his roots, design philosophy. He continued to make statements with his show concepts. 

A showcase hard to forget was his 2011 WIFW where all the models walked the ramp wearing Freida Kahlo inspired hairdos, adorned with red roses, and makeup.

When it comes to muses, Sabyasachi has always been moved by cultural traditions from his hometown of Kolkata, gypsies, antique textiles, feminist leaders and sex workers. Known for designing ensembles to break the pattern and inspire individualistic thought, Sabyasachi does so by using unusual fabric combinations and colour schemes. 

His label broke the moulds set by society for Indian brides and how they should dress for their wedding day. Using international silhouettes and unexplored colourscapes, inspired by works of French impressionists such as Monet and Henry Matisse, Sabyasachi brought local weaves and traditional embroidery techniques from the interiors of India back to life. 

Watching one of the most brilliant men in India posing with his friendly pooches, looking so unassuming for a moment,


Image source: Instagram

...we wondered how this man could be the most copied designer in India, yet managed to maintain, no, in fact, build further, the label's image and personality. As far as his concepts, shows and designs go, Sabyasachi Mukherjee is untouchable. 

Did you know that in the past 20 years, over 2,50,000 women have worn a Sabyasachi saree? 




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Undeniably, the man is a Bollywood favourite - to start with, he has dressed Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma, Kangana Ranaut and Karisma Kapoor. He's partnered with Christian Louboutin to create a collaborative collection of 80 pairs of shoes. It seems, S.M can run his business with the same ease with which he hosts a garden party at home. 



Image source: Instagram

And what a host he was! The pictures showed guests sitting all round him on beautiful pastel Sabyasachi printed cushions, playing round after round of Tambola, with the hope to win prizes, which included jewellery, home products and saris from his collections.


Image source: Instagram

Sabyasachi's Home In Kolkata

Guests got a peek at Sabyasachi's beautifully designed and decorated old-school bungalow in Kolkata. One look at his home and it is obvious, this man brings work home. His Alipore red-brick bungalow is an extension of his artistic self - putting together intricate, rich but less explored details and creating a comfortable, soothing environment at the same time. It is a skill, and Sabyasachi is the proven master. 

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Everything from cushions and crockery to the frames that hold precious captures of his dogs will find a permanent spot on your Pinterest boards and in your heart. Feast your eyes on the visual treat that is Sabyasachi Mukherjee's living space: 


A garden so Sabya...


This artefact-filled staircase landing is maximalism personified. 



A sitting room with old-world Bengal flooring.


Classic meets modern kitsch, Sabyasachi style. 


Handpainted walls and French window panes looked so inviting.


A cosy corner adorned with crystal jars, family memories and a particularly enchanting vintage dresser. 

It was a good day, a celebration apt for the feeling the name Sabyasachi has evoked in women for 20 years. In the end, we left Sabyasachi's house with a head full of inspiration and hands full with an exquisite saree from his label. A good day, indeed. 

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Published on Feb 12, 2019
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