A Definitive Guide To Getting Your Falsies To Look Just Right Feat. Sonakshi Sinha

A Definitive Guide To Getting Your Falsies To Look Just Right Feat. Sonakshi Sinha

The first 'difficult' thing that I learnt when I started doing makeup was how to apply falsies. I loved the look of fuller and longer lashes. When I saw Sonakshi's picture on Instagram recently, I was in awe of how natural her lashes looked and how seamlessly they blended together. There is always this sheer dread and panic that I see on everyone's faces when I even talk about falsies but that's about to change. Over the years, I've accumulated some tips and hacks to make sure I get a seamless application every single time. 

Before I get into the steps, let's understand that when I say false lashes I am talking about the strip lashes and not the individual lashes that come in clumps of three.

Breaking it down

1. If you are just starting your lash journey, buy some lower priced ones that look natural and have a thinner strip so you can get used to applying it and have it on your eyes. 

2. Always invest in a black glue. The lash glue that comes with your lashes is too little and usually will leave a white residue. If you have black glue, you needn't do any eye makeup after you apply falsies to cover up the white. 

3. Before applying your lashes, measure the lashes and cut the ends. Your strip needs to ideally start a few millimetres away from your inner corner. That is where your eye contour dips, so it is difficult to get your lashes to stick. 

4. Take a makeup brush with an inch (or more) handle and wrap your strip around the makeup brush and wait for 15 seconds on each strip. 

5. Hold the ends of the strip and just move your hands back and forth so you can loosen up the stiffness of the strip. 


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6. Apply the black lash glue and wait until it is tacky. 

7. This is a trick that personally works for me. Instead of looking down during application, I have my eyes half open and I tilt my head up a little so I can see the bottom of the lashline. 

8. Always use a tweezer or lash tool to apply lashes, that gives you more control. 

9. Slowly bring the strip closer to your lashline and hold the lash in place. 

10. Finally, apply a coat of mascara to blend the lashes together. 

You're done, go bat them eyes!

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