Your 'Mannat' Just Got Granted: You Can Now Live In Shah Rukh Khan's Delhi House!

Your 'Mannat' Just Got Granted: You Can Now Live In Shah Rukh Khan's Delhi House!

As kids, and even as full-fledged grown-ups, we have had this secret fantasy of spending a day with our favourite celebrities and taking a closer look into their personal lives. We have often wondered how these stars behave when they are not in front of the cameras and in the comfort of their homes. In fact, we have also imagined what their personal spaces must look like. Don’t worry, we are not trying to be borderline creepy and stalkerish; we are just letting you know that this age-old fantasy of ours is actually turning into a reality! 

SRK was recently asked by a user on Twitter if he was planning to sell his house. King Khan, being his witty self, replied, “Bhai Mannat bikti nahi sar jhuka kar maangi jaati hai....yaad rakhoge toh life mein kuch paa sakogay (Brother, Mannat is not sold but wished for with a bowed head, if you remember this then you’ll be to achieve something in life).” Another user had once asked how much it would cost him to rent a room in Mannat. The Dear Zindagi actor had replied, “30 saal ki mehnat mein padega (It will cost 30 years of hard work).

It seems like SRK finally thought of doing something for his fans. Shah Rukh Khan’s wife and globally renowned interior designer, Gauri Khan, has partnered with Airbnb and redesigned her New Delhi house for their fans. This collaboration celebrates thirty years of SRK in Bollywood and has rightly named the campaign -- ‘Home with Open Arms’ -- a tribute to the actor's signature pose.

Gauri shared the news of her collaboration with Airbnb on her Instagram handle and wrote, “Our Delhi home is filled with memories of our early days, what we collected over the years and all the things we love as a family! It holds a very special place in my heart. Through my collaboration with Airbnb, a lucky duo will get a chance to be our guest.

But there is a catch! Only one lucky winner will get a chance to stay overnight at SRK’s house and will also have the luxury of enjoying his favourite meals and watch his biggest hits at his place. As much as it sounds like a dream (or a joke), it’s actually true! A little disclaimer for all the fans out there -- you will also get a chance to personally see the OG negatives of SRK’s favourite films and his hand-written letters to Gauri during their good ol’ courtship days. Surreal, right? RIGHT?

If you are a die-hard fan of SRK, like us, or have even followed his interviews remotely, you’d know that deep down, the Chak De! India actor is a true Delhite. Gauri and Shah Rukh have spent the early years of their marriage and raised their three kids in the very same house that you might get to live in for a day. Our suggestion? The winner should definitely carry the best possible selfie camera with them because we are going to need ALL THE JUICY DEETS!


Talking about this unique one-time campaign, SRK and Gauri said in an interview, “The city of Delhi holds a special place in our hearts and will always be home for us. Each visit brings back cherished memories of our early days here and we are absolutely thrilled to partner with Airbnb to host guests in our Delhi home. Airbnb has made us feel at home throughout our travels across the world and we are excited to open the doors of our own home through this exclusive partnership.”

Wow! Seems like when you truly make a mannat, it does come true! We can’t wait to find out who the lucky winner is!

Featured Image: Instagram