When You Don't Like Sex: Kumkum Bhagya Actress Sriti Jha's Poem Is An Eye Opener

When You Don't Like Sex: Kumkum Bhagya Actress Sriti Jha's Poem Is An Eye Opener

The truth is that whatever we know about sexuality and gender is just the tip of the iceberg and there's so much more that we are yet to learn. That's exactly why we are particularly thankful to people like Saisha Shinde (the ace fashion designer who recently came out as transwoman) who have the courage to come out with their truths. It is because of their courage and strength that we are here talking on these topics and validating identities and orientations that have been hitherto relegated to silence. 

Kumkum Bhagya actress Sriti Jha is another such individual who came out with her truth last year through an impassioned poem on asexuality. A video of her reciting the poem at Spoken Fest Mumbai 2020 is currently going viral on social media and it's Sriti's candour that's winning hearts. In the poem, the actress talks about her experience of being asexual and how it has constantly hampered her relationships, and her approach to love.

"When I said "no" I meant "no," they said you've got to try a little more," she says in the poem thus highlighting how society's lack of understanding has meddled with her experience of romantic love. She further shares how no one ever understood her and how she has constantly been advised to keep trying: "I had felt wow in hugs and kisses. I had felt wow every time fingers had run through my tresses. But beyond a point, when it went, I was left alone. So I learned to lie in words in moans."


Her poem throws light on the nuances of sexuality, where she says, "I kept falling in love, sometimes better, other times worse. But "it" was never on my mind and that seemed to be my curse." And we got to give it to Sriti for managing to put something so complicated so succinctly. 

In reality, sexuality actually happens to be way so much more than we are made to believe and so nuanced that it often escapes us. Think of it this way: Ever wondered what the alphabet 'A' stands for in the acronym LGBTQIA+? Sriti's poem will help you with the answer:

"I am asexual, I’m not the only one,” she concludes the poem. The message is clear: yes, there are more like her. Yes, all of them deserve to be celebrated. Thanks for speaking your truth Sriti! 

Featured Image: Instagram