This Bride & Groom Made The Filmiest Entry Ever & We're Watching Their Videos On Loop

This Bride & Groom Made The Filmiest Entry Ever & We're Watching Their Videos On Loop

While the grooms love to make a grand entry with a lavish baraat, brides make sure that they complement their partners with an equally dazzling entry. And honestly, ever since Din Shagna Da became every bride's go-to wedding song, we witnessed some really beautiful bridal entries and took notes secretly.

However, this adorable couple's destination wedding in Jaipur took the whole concept of dulha-dulhan entry a notch higher. From grooving on Bollywood beats at a grand palace to sharing some of the loveliest moments, Srishti Doshy and Rushabh Shah's shaadi videos are like many romantic movies combined in one. And why not?! When you marry your BFF of ten years, everything seems like a never-ending dream.

Well, it's time that we stop talking about this dreamy wedding and start showing you what we mean! So, here are all the deets:

Entry Ho Toh Aisi

Imagine a movie scene being shot at a grand palace in Rajasthan where the actor makes an iconic entry with a catchy song. And then the actress adds an emotional touch to the scene with her stunning entry. Now imagine this entire scene as your wedding entry. Perfect, right? That's just the word we have for Srishti and Rushabh's video. Take a look:

Wow! Brownie points to Rushabh for those moves. He might not be as good a dancer as his wife but we are mighty impressed with the fact that for a change, it was in fact a groom who danced his way to the main stage. And guys, it's okay if you got a little bit senti while watching Srishti's dad walk his little princess down the aisle. We needed some tissues as well!

BTW, we are totally replacing the traditional crackers with coloured crackers after watching this video. Also, did jaimala give you #Virushka feels?

Main Tera, Main Tera

Alright, we agree that we must have seen hundreds of Main Tera video edits on our 'Gram till now and no, we ain't bored with them yet. They are hella romantic and if you haven't guessed it already, yep, we live for everything that spells romance! 

And, we just found one of the best Main Tera edits and frankly, we are obsessed. Take a look for yourself:

We honestly can't decide if the pearls on Srishti's jewellery are glowing more or her face. But if we have to choose one, we will certainly go with the latter. BTW, you can get a similar look too. Just add these products by MyGlamm to your cart STAT! 


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Mehendi In Shorts & Swag

For her Mehendi, Srishti ditched the regular lehengas and suits and opted for something bold and beautiful. While she donned a beautiful asymmetrical yellow suit on top, she completed the look with a pair of sequined shorts. Wait, did you read that right? Yep, you did!

This unconventional bride celebrated her mehendi ceremony at home and danced her heart out in a pair of comfortable but highly stylish shorts and we don't know about you, but we have taken notes fosho! Take a look:

Also, not just the dress code, Srishti's accessories and mehendi were also as quirky as her outfit. She sported her offbeat look with a pair of OTT customised earrings that had "Rushabh ki Srishti" styled on it. And for her mehendi, she went for an elaborated design that had all the important details of her relationship--from the date of proposal, long drives, gym sesh, to their first kiss--drawn on it.

The Proposal

So, how do you propose to someone whom you had been dating and loved for more than a decade? Well, if you are stuck with a similar confusion in your head or any confusion at all about how you want to pop the question, we suggest you watch this video STAT! 

Rushabh shared his proposal video and honestly, our hearts melted a little while watching all the tiny details he took care of. From presenting his love with a stunning dress, playing her fav song in the car, to going down on one knee at the perfect setting, this proposal video is simply the best thing you will see on the internet today! Take a look:

So brides and grooms-to-be, we hope you are taking notes!

Featured Image: Instagram