CAN'T KEEP CALM! We'll Soon Have A Spider-Woman Movie & Here's All You Need To Know

CAN'T KEEP CALM! We'll Soon Have A Spider-Woman Movie & Here's All You Need To Know

So Lucifer Season 5 just dropped in on Netflix and if you happen to be a committed viewer of the show then you must have noticed something problematic with it. While it does question the stereotypical notions of human morality and mortality as it has been long perpetuated, it has hardly done much to redeem women from the grey shadow of Eve. For that matter, when it comes to powerful stock characters like God or superheroes, it's men who mostly rein the narrative on the screens. 

This explains why even though Captain Marvel was touted as the most powerful superhero in Marvel's Endgame, it was only Iron Man who got to beat Thanos. Also, can you even imagine Marvel giving the role of the all-powerful Thanos to a woman? Well, seems like all of this is going to be challenged and changed in the coming time. As per the latest media reports, we will soon have a Spider-woman movie. Yup, you read that right. Olivia Wilde will be directing this Marvel film and she also dropped a hint on Twitter that confirmed the same with a spider emoji yesterday. 

The Spider-Woman movie is actually a long-delayed endeavour that Marvel has finally found the time and the right resources to pursue in collaboration with Sony Pictures. Here's everything that you need to know about the much-anticipated project:

Step Aside Peter Parker Because We Are Going For A 'Complete Revamp'

Reports suggest that Wilde has been working to develop a "completely revamped" take on the iconic superhero. She is working in collaboration with writer Katie Silberman for the ambitions project as she joins the very confined club of women directors to take on a Marvel film. In fact, even she had almost passed on the project before she was won by Marvel with the chance and idea of working on her own woman superhero franchise. 



Spider-Women: A History

Till now, spider-woman has remained a rather overlooked character in the Marvelverse. And while some crucial characters like Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy are known to have taken over her cape over the years, the character has been best known as Jessica Drew's alter-ego and not spider-woman. 

Jessica's character was first introduced in the 1970s. She is known as a private investigator and a bounty hunter who gained superhuman powers after being exposed to radioactive spider DNS. Her skills include web-slinging and shooting "venom-blasts" of energy from her hands.

However, it is important to note that the spider-woman's character that's being developed by Wilde would not be placed in Marvel Universe. Instead, it would part of Sony's hero-centric universe.

Well, rest assured, we are excited AF to see the spider-woman and can't wait to see what Wilde does with the character. 

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