Keep Losing The Second Earring? Spend Some Quarantine Time & Organize Your Jewellery Stash

Keep Losing The Second Earring? Spend Some Quarantine Time & Organize Your Jewellery Stash

If there's one thing that I take pride in, after my dancing skills, it's my organisational skills. Watching fashion hacks and videos around DIY organisers, how to store more in less space, how to efficiently fold clothes, and closet organisation is like porn to me--satisfying and worth the effort. I'm not as OCD-prone as Monica Geller from F.R.I.E.N.D.S or Clair Dunphy from Modern Family. I just love to organise things and manage my closet. After all, Carrie Bradshaw's closet wasn't built in a day!

A few months ago, I moved to a new location and that gave me the opportunity I didn't know I needed. I got a brand new closet designed with multiple shelves, compartments and hooks. When my most favourite part of re-setting the closet came, I realised that I had forgotten all about my jewellery. Necklaces all tangled in the carton, earrings missing, hooks nowhere to be found, my stash was all over the place.

Sounds familiar? Does this happen to your earrings and necklaces too and probably because you're lazy? Or maybe because you'd rather do something else than organise your jewellery? Now that you're in quarantine, there's only so much you can laze around or procrastinate. Read on to find out how I got myself out of that one and how you can organise your jewellery better to never lose anything ever again!

5 Jewellery Organisation Ideas

Jewellery is the easiest way to amp up our look and add some glamour. So, naturally, it’s essential that we take care of these babies. No knots, tangles, and missing pieces! Without much ado, here are some ways to organise your jewellery.

Jewellery Hangers


This is what I invested in. It has enough holes to hold your earrings as well as hooks to hang your chains and necklaces on. A jewellery hanger is not just chic to look at but also super-convenient when you're running late and just want to grab your earrings! It comes in different shapes and sizes for you to choose from as per your liking. My favourite part about this is that you can simply hang it in your closet with the rest of your stuff without having to look for more space or a nail and hammer.

Multi-section Pouches

India Mart

The biggest advantage of such pouches is the ease of carrying your jewellery during your travels. All you have to do is zip it up and pack along. They're compact too and the different sections ensure that your jewellery stays in its places. The multiple zippers inside keep your jewellery protected and away from getting rusty or over-oxidised. I've lost quite a few hoops earrings to this, trust me. Ideal for ring hoarders!

Jewellery Cases


Another sleek option perfect for those who own smaller, minimal pieces of jewellery like studs, hoops and chains. Also a great choice for travelling if you like to carry only a few key pieces along. It's practical as it folds giving you room for more stuff in your closet as well as your luggage.

Table/ Wall Stands & Containers

Ali Express

Here's a way to pretty up your room while making space for your jewellery. The design options for these are countless. From tabletops to hook stands for the wall, from ceramic plates to bangle stands, you can store and organise your jewellery while flaunting it to the world. The tree/antler style stands are especially popular to hold everyday jewellery pieces like rings and pendants. Perfect for jewellery that you don’t want to stow away in your closet.

Psst... this way of organising your jewellery is better suited for artificial jewellery. You precious and semi-precious jewels should be kept in a jewellery locker or a safe closed place.

Jewellery Storage Boxes Or Kits

Temple & Webster

I've always wanted one of those jewellery organisers that have multiple tiny drawers and pockets appearing out of nowhere like magic! They look like a mini dresser for jewellery! Unfortunately, I don't have enough bling in my vanity to get one of those babies. But if you are a jewellery junkie, there's no better option this. You can also go for individual jewellery kits that come in like a set of 5.

Take this time to think about your jewellery. Do some research if you want to buy these organisers later once the lockdown ends. Alternatively, you can go for fun DIYs to pass time and save money while at home! Watch the video below for some inspiration!

Shine on you, in an organised way, crazy diamond!