Move Over Pantsuit, The Skirt Suit Is Here & Sonam Kapoor Knows How To Rock It

Move Over Pantsuit, The Skirt Suit Is Here & Sonam Kapoor Knows How To Rock It

Everyone, and yes we really do mean EVERYONE, loves the pantsuit. It's sharp, structured, chic, and you can always rely on it to give your ensemble a power-packed uplift. So how do we get over, or simply take a break from the excessively dynamic outfit that is the pantsuit? By saying hello to its cousin, AKA, the skirt suit!

Now, before you rule out the ensemble saying that there is no such thing (it's real, you guys) allow us to give you a visual of it, and a very attractive one at that. 

1-Move-Over-Pantsuit-The-Skirt-Suit-Is-Here- -Sonam-Kapoor-Knows-How-To-Rock-It

Image Source: Instagram

Believe us now? Bet you do. For a recent outing for an event, Sonam Kapoor stepped out dressed in, you guessed it, a skirt suit that blew us away. Since Rhea Kapoor's styling prowess was behind this uber-sophisticated outfit, you wouldn't expect it to be just any humble ensemble now, would you! As always, the sisters branched out to a new name in the design circuit to give us the look we wish we could wear to work. This particular OOTD was from LADO BOKUCHAVA, a Georgian brand belonging to a designer of the same name, one known for his feminine and polished offerings. 

2-Move-Over-Pantsuit-The-Skirt-Suit-Is-Here- -Sonam-Kapoor-Knows-How-To-Rock-It

Source: Instagram

This look from the Spring 2019 collection was as good as it gets. The beige number saw a minimal yet elaborate blazer, complete with extensive details that you could miss in the first glance: a corset-like appearance and an array of metallic rings and pockets (hopefully functional) on the long blazer that covered most of the skirt, one in the same tone of beige. The outfit may have been chic, but Sonam Kapoor added an edge to her ensemble with thigh-high black boots by Maison Margiela, finishing her look with metallic hoops and a slick updo, as one does. Don't miss out that miniature clutch, one you could definitely incorporate into any workwear look of yours. 

Here's a close up of the outfit for, you know, those chic work wardrobe dreams. 

3-Move-Over-Pantsuit-The-Skirt-Suit-Is-Here- -Sonam-Kapoor-Knows-How-To-Rock-It

Image Source: Instagram

Ready to rock the skirt suit like Sonam Kapoor then? 

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