Yellow Yellow Get Me A Pillow ‘Coz Sonam Kapoor Just Wore The Chicest PJs Ever!

 Yellow Yellow Get Me A Pillow ‘Coz Sonam Kapoor Just Wore The Chicest PJs Ever!

It's been a while since we saw Sonam Kapoor around, hasn't it? So it was a pleasant surprise to see the actress at the airport a few days back. In her element too, might I add. 

Mrs Kapoor Ahuja has been MIA for a while but her personal style never went away and this picture vouches for it.

sonam kapoor yellow pjs 2

We are crazy about the funky yet relaxed look Sonam Kapoor had going on at the airport and it's not an exaggeration. We swear! Wearing a mustard yellow ensemble, Sonam successfully pulled off multiple trends in this one outfit. 

sonam kapoor yellow pjs 3

Her striped set checked the following on-trend boxes:

A. Coord

B. Pyjama style dressing aka 'bathleisure'

C. Indian fusion

The Bollywood fashionista chose a striped yellow PJ co-ord set by Indian label Cord to travel in and we think it was bang-on. Not only did the belted tunic enhance Sonam's curves, it was also relaxed enough for the oversized and breezy vibe we love. The white shirt collar peeking from under the set is as chic as ever too, isn't it?

sonam kapoor yellow pjs 1

Sonam wore matching cropped pants which tapered at the bottom, giving the look a youthful touch. Her slim-strapped sandals went perfectly with her colour coordinated outfit and so did her Hermes tote bag and her cat-eye sunnies. 

We also acknowledge the brilliant addition to the look, that is Sonam Kapoor's metallic jhumkas! This look by has piqued our interest and especially because Sonam Kapoor wore a set by the same label again yesterday! 

purple coord set sonam kapoor yellow pjs

This time, the actress wore a grape coloured jumpsuit with a matching kimono jacket, black brogues and a black Hermes tote. We're not too sure about the lipstick and earrings here - so the yellow outfit from earlier is definitely a strong win over this one, agreed?

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