Sonam Kapoor's Take On Gender Bias In Bollywood is SO Honest & Refreshing!

Sonam Kapoor's Take On Gender Bias In Bollywood is SO Honest & Refreshing!

Bollywood actress and our favourite fashionista - Sonam Kapoor has always spoken out against the prevailing gender bias in the film industry, unabashedly. Last month we came to know how she denied a film offer opposite a leading actor because the money she was being paid was "shit", in the actress' own words. (More power to you girl!) 

While we thought she couldn't impress us more, she went ahead and won our hearts, yet again. While promoting her upcoming film Padman, the actress was questioned about the wedding rumours that have been going around. According to reports, she's all set to marry her longtime boyfriend, Anand Ahuja. 

Sonam Kapoor replied firmly saying, "Why are actresses asked more about their personal lives? Is anyone asking Ranbir Kapoor or Ranveer Singh when they are getting married?". I bet this one statement was enough to shut down sexist reporters. Why I love her response? Simply because it elegantly hints at the gender bias in the film industry and how it is assumed that the only relevant questions an actress can be asked are about her relationship status. 

Moreover, male actors are asked questions about their work, their future pursuits and how they aim to grow as an actor and rarely about their marriage plans. With actresses it's all about, "When are you getting married?" or "Who are you dating?". 

We totally agree with Sonam Kapoor and hope that her movie Padman is a raging success!