10 Reasons Why Everyone Needs A Veere Like Sonam Kapoor In Their Life!

10 Reasons Why Everyone Needs A Veere Like Sonam Kapoor In Their Life!

It's Sonam Kapoor's birthday today and we can't keep calm because the newlywed is turning 33 years old! As much as we're wondering what Anand, has planned for Mrs Ahuja for this occasion, we couldn't help but also wonder how amazing it would be if we had a Sonam Kapoor in our life. To use Sonam's famous catchphrase, "You know what I mean", a stylish, headstrong, kind and loving friend - the definition of a perfect veere.

Here are 10 reasons why you need a Sonam Kapoor in your life.

1. Her opinion is her opinion. None of your opinion

0 sonam kapoor - angry khoobsurat

Sonam Kapoor, not just in Raanjhanaa or Khoobsurat, but in real life too has an opinion about everything which you might have seen time and again. Remember when she said, “Indian men don’t understand fashion unless they are gay,”? More often than not, it's good to have strong-headed people in life.

2. Always showing off her friends on social media

Sonam's Instagram is not just about her outfits, her shoots or herself. It's also about her family, friends, and lately, her veeres. You'll find everyone important in Sonam's life on her gram. Yes, that's how much she flaunts the people she loves. Isn't that the best way to show affection when the whole world knows what you're to someone?

3. Awesome shopping buddy

3 sonam kapoor - aisha

We're pretty sure Aisha was a glimpse of the real Sonam Kapoor who's all about fashion and shopping. Needless to say, my favourite r(h)eson for having a Sonam Kapoor in my life will be the handy fashion advice I'll get. Plus, she'll know all about the sales too. And she has a fashion label of her own too. Yay!

4. Free shoutouts!

Not many people know this but Sonam Kapoor has an app of her own called Incolour, a creative colouring app, and she can't stop reposting the stuff her fans create. Not just that, she's often seen giving shoutouts to brands, other actors and fan arts. You're such a sweetie, Sonam!

5. A badass motivational speaker

5 sonam kapoor - veere di wedding

Uh, hello! Didn't you see Veere Di Wedding? It gives you a new perspective on things and makes you see them in a better light. Take getting married, for example. Go, Avni!

6. Will give you ALL the gossip

Sonam Kapoor is that person who is friends with literally everyone in the industry. Actors, designers, stylists, she knows them all. Having a Sonam Kapoor in your life would mean getting all the dirt and gossip first hand because, well, you're BFFs with her! You'll get all the insider information that no one has.

7. Your personal cheerleader

8 sonam kapoor - happy with balloons

This is one of our favourite reasons. Sonam Kapoor looks like a person who may not give fucks about everything but will move the Earth around if her loved ones are sad. Whether she'll post a story on Instagram asking you to cheer up, #throwback an old memory, send some balloons and chocolates to your place, or book tickets to Thailand, she'll always be there for you.

8. Borrow anything from her 'coz she has it all

You know she probably has like 437 pairs of shoes? We should imagine so given her Instagram stories are full of gifts she keeps on receiving like every hour. She looks like a person who will let you borrow stuff. On second thoughts, I'd like to change my favourite reason to this!

9. Will always have your back

9 sonam kapoor - mausam shahid kapoor

I only need one popular hashtag to sum this up - #VeeresForLife! Because having a Sonam Kapoor for a friend is having a friend for life.

10. You can count on her

Number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 reasons above are proof.

She's the best friend one could ask for. Happy Birthday, Sonam!

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