We've Got Exclusive Deets From Sonam And Anand's Wedding Photographer!

We've Got Exclusive Deets From Sonam And Anand's Wedding Photographer!

We all witnessed the grand wedding celebrations of Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja. Through hazy pictures and shaky videos on Instagram, we got a fair idea of how amazingly fun the two-day celebrations were. And well, if the pictures that were doing the rounds on the internet gave us such feels, just imagine how pretty the professional wedding pictures will be.

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We got talking to Anand Rathi, owner and head photographer at Reels And Frames, who gave us some interesting details about Sonam and her wedding. Anand and his team were the official photographers who clicked all the adorable, candid and absolutely splendid pictures for #SonamKiShaadi. Well, let's get started...

1. What was it like working with Anand and Sonam?

A breeze. They gave us complete creative freedom and ensured that our team was at ease from day one. Sonam was a complete 'bridechilla'.

2. We all saw how crazy and fun the reception was. Any particular moment or incident that you'd like to share with our readers?

I can vividly remember Salman making an entry when Anil Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan were on the stage and from there on, the next 20 mins were lit like fireworks. Then there were Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor too, who were constantly in the comic zone.

3. Celeb wedding details are usually kept under wraps until the last minute. How difficult was it to keep the #EverydayPhenomenal wedding a secret?

We were involved in the process from the very beginning and since we are used to having high profile clients, we completely respect their privacy. This was no different in that sense.

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4. Sonam & Anand's wedding was undoubtedly the biggest celeb wedding of the year. How was it working with the Kapoor family and shooting for a wedding that pretty much saw the entire Bollywood in attendance? Any challenges?

The Kapoors are a delightful bunch to work with. Rhea and Sunita ji are powerhouses, AK is a quintessential Punjabi dad who dances his heart out and Sonam is the perfect girl next door. The challenge in this wedding was to be present to capture all the moments, yet go invisible when we had to. The morning Anand Karaj required us to shoot in complete silence, so our Sony cameras and coordination through walkie talkies came in handy there.

5. Only a bunch of the professional pictures made it to social media, will we get to see more exclusive images from the wedding?

Hopefully! We are still in the editing process.

Well, we really hope to see more amazing pictures from the #EverydayPhenomenal wedding soon!

Images Courtesy: Reels And Frames