I Will Punch You In The Face: Sonakshi Sinha Slams Trolls For Fat-Shaming Her On Twitter

I Will Punch You In The Face: Sonakshi Sinha Slams Trolls For Fat-Shaming Her On Twitter

Stardom gets you both fans and haters. On one hand, Bollywood actors have fans who can go to great lengths to express their admiration for them, but on the other, there are trolls who make unpleasant remarks about these celebs on all platforms. From distasteful comments on their outfits, slut-shaming, body-shaming to hating on whatever they post, the anonymity of social media has emboldened trolls. 

One such celeb who was a target for trolls yet again is Sonakshi Sinha. The actress has been under public scrutiny for her weight since her debut in Bollywood. But what we love about her is how she embraces her curves and is comfortable in her skin. Also, kudos to the actress who has always given it back to these haters.

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Recently, Sonakshi appeared on Arbaaz Khan's chat show and reacted to trolls fat-shaming her. In a segment where celebs have to read what the Twitterati is tweeting about them, Sonakshi read a series of trolls. One read 'Buffelo going workout.' To this, she had a humorous reply. She said, "B-U-F-F-E-L-L-O. Pehle spelling toh seekh le yaar!" Another one read, "Madam bhuk hadtaal karo aap vazan kam hoga zara aur roles milenge (Madam, please go on a hunger strike, you'll lose weight and get more roles)." To this Sonakshi said, "Isse zyada roles main kar bhi nahi sakti. Sorry! Bohot roles hai, bohot kaam hai mere paas. (I can do more roles than this. Sorry! I have plenty of them. I have a lot of work.)"

She went on to talk about how the trolls are 'faceless' and have the courage to only comment on social media because if they come up to her in person, she'll punch them in the face.

Sonakshi confessed that she had lost 30 kgs before making her Bollywood debut. Initially, she used to get perturbed and respond to negative comments, but now takes them in her stride.

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On being shown several negative comments by the internet users about her weight, Sonakshi replied, "To hell with it. I will continue to be what I am. If you like me watch me, if you don’t like me then don’t watch me."

She was also asked how deals with criticism, and she said, "If the criticism is constructive and will help me, I will happily read it and take it in good spirit. But if you are criticising me only because you have had a fight at home and you are venting on me, I am not going to take it. If you don’t like a person and say ‘you are so ugly’, why do you follow them on social media or comment on their posts? Do you have so much of spare time?"

You go, Sona!

She isn't the only one who has been viciously targeted by trolls. Kareena Kapoor also responded to a troll recently when they questioned her about having a nanny, and said, "There's a finger I'm showing you in my mind."

There are more Bollywood actors who have been attacked on social media for no reason and they have handled it like pros. 

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