Sonakshi Sinha In A Gorgeous Red Dress Is Too 'Unsanskaari' For Trolls

Sonakshi Sinha In A Gorgeous Red Dress Is Too 'Unsanskaari' For Trolls

In a world where nothing is sacred anymore and the Internet has an opinion about everything, actress Sonakshi Sinha became the recent victim of mindless trolls. The 30-years-old actress, who has 9.9 million followers on Instagram, posted a throwback picture and while some loved her latest post, most of them took the opportunity to ‘school’ her. 


From commenting on her upbringing to her ‘sanskaars’, the trolls didn’t shy away from being as brutal as possible.

How Do Clothes Determine Tradition?

sonakshi sinha 01

How Is It Okay To Put That Kind Of Negativity Out In The World?

sonakshi sinha 02

Shouldn't Her Father Be Proud Cause She's A Great Actress?

sonakshi sinha 03


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First of all, what is even wrong with the dress or the picture, I cannot understand! Because, for what it’s worth, I think she’s totally slaying that gown! She looks great and is oozing confidence that is to die for. This isn't the first time the actress is being trolled and while this may have been quite a lot for Sonakshi to take in, we hope she doesn’t let it get to her. 

Stay sexy, Sona!

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