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A Few Bengaluru Colleges Have A Higher Cut Off For Girls & We're Appalled!

A Few Bengaluru Colleges Have A Higher Cut Off For Girls & We're Appalled!

On one side, this country is fighting for 'Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao' and on the other, girls in Bengaluru have a higher cut off rate to get into colleges post their 10th standard exams. After the second list came out for admission in Pre Universities, students noticed this sexist discrepancy in the cut off percentages.

Originally the concept of 'seat-matrix' issued by the Department of Pre-University Education of the Karnataka State Government was introduced to encourage more girls to get a higher education. The ideology of equal seats for boys and girls is being twisted by these universities because 'girls are outperforming boys.'

"Girls are smart, and this is not a new trend. If there is no higher cutoff, the college will have only girls. The higher cutoff is to bring in gender balance," Fr Abraham, vice-chancellor, Christ (deemed-to-be university) said to a leading news agency.

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Source: Education World

But what these universities, from Christ Junior College to MES PU College, don't seem to realise is that their actions are illegal. Several lawyers have expressed their distaste towards the same. “This is definitely not legal because there is absolutely no basis for it. There is no justifiable rationale for it,” advocate Sundar Raman told a news website. “In my opinion, it might be contrary to some norms. Though private colleges can set their own standards for admission, they cannot set standards that are separate for men and women. There has to be a uniform academic threshold,” he added.

Varying cut-offs for girls and boys were introduced for a whole different reason and it's time we spoke up about the negative connotations of it. Students applying to these universities are losing out on their right to education, and this discrimination is just going to discourage women from applying for further studies in the future.

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