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The New Michael Kors’ Smartwatch Is So FAB... You’ll Want To Gift It To Yourself

The New Michael Kors’ Smartwatch Is So FAB... You’ll Want To Gift It To Yourself

On a typical busy morning, a magnificent woman is walking around town, checking her schedule, appointments and commitments for the day. She’s consulting Google for translations, routes and her sophisticated purchases. Not through her mobile but her next generation smartwatch. The protagonist of Sofie Smartwatch campaign, Model Andreea Diaconu has efficiently portrayed a contemporary woman who is loving and celebrating her fast-paced life.   


The watch that brings your life to life—meet the new Sofie smartwatch with the Google Assistant. #AccessItAll

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Stay a step ahead with our Michael Kors Access smartwatch. #AccessItAll

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Yes, that’s the pace today’s ever-connected women are looking for and Michael Kors gets it.


Glamour on the go with our Michael Kors Access smartwatch. #AccessItAll

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Michael Kors new Access Sofie Smartwatch range for women is out. Like last year’s Access Smartwatches, these ones also run the Android Wear operating system (which makes it easy-to-use.) But this time, it comes in better designs, a new version of Google’s Android Wear OS and a fully circular display. Plus it looks amazing. In fact, the full-round display bedded by gemstone studded bezel and steel strap are adding elegance to its already-luxe look.

The brand loyals can tell that the compact pavé bezel setting is keeping Access Sofie close to Michael Kors’ signature watch designs. While last year’s Access Bradshaw Smartwatches had a slightly plainer aesthetic, this one takes away the ‘eye-catching’ title for its style.

Michael Kors - Access Sofie Smartwatches


Silver, Rose Gold, Gold and Sable - tones chosen by the brand are subtle enough to pair it with your day outfits. Sofie Pavé Gold-Tone has stones at some places on golden metal strap as well and one version of Sofie Pavé Silver-Tone is all covered in gemstones. It has 8 variants ranging from Rs 26,000 to Rs 30,000 and they are available at Michael Kors stores in India for purchase.

Although, if you are a fan of leather straps, then there’s good news for you as well. The bands of Sofie Smartwatches are interchangeable. So wear it the way you like it. It’s lightweight, comfortable to carry all day long. Unlike Michael Kors Access Grayson for men which had three buttons, this one only has one, easy access and swipes. It’s basically, your phone on your wrist.


Never miss a moment with our Michael Kors Access smartwatch. #AccessItAll

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The button allows you to open the downloaded apps from Google Play Store and the best part is that even iPhone users can simply download apps from Google Play Store.

The Sofie is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, with 512MB of RAM and swiping process is fast and fluid. It has 4GB storage for your music which you can play via Bluetooth-connected earbuds.

We know that battery-life is the first question that pops into your mind after reading all this, but don’t worry about that. They’ve provided 24-hours of battery life.

So, if you love smartwatches, Michael Kors Access Sofie Smartwatch is the best luxury purchase to indulge in this Christmas.

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