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Sofia Hayat Criticizes The Miss World 2017 Beauty Pageant & She Has A Point

Sofia Hayat Criticizes The Miss World 2017 Beauty Pageant & She Has A Point

The entire country was very proud of the fact that after 17 years, there was, once again, a Miss World from India. But, there were also some who couldn’t get over the fact that a beauty pageant like Miss World still exists and finds itself in the spotlight. Sofia Hayat, once a model and now a Godwoman was one of those who expressed her distaste over the issue. Her instagram posts criticized the hypocritical nature of these beauty standards set by society.

She Critiqued The Pageant


Are they still running this contest..I though it died with the dinosaurs .. who judges beauty these days when beauty does not have a single face or gotta laugh at such prehistoric is not there to be judged..why isn't a woman in a hijab there..or a somalian with a lip plate there..or a painted American Indian..or a transgender..are they not beautiful?..why is there not a size 16 woman with curves or a bald woman? Miss World is out dated..the real Miss a woman who is Mother nature..a woman with a child..a woman who has stretch marks on her body to show she has show she like the diverse and different..but mostly..Miss World..would never allow herself to be judged by the standards of others..let alone a committee! Here is to the real Mrs and Miss Worlds of this beautiful planet. Our World..our earth..does not judge her children. Namaste Shalom Salaam. Gaia Mother Sofia Allah Maa

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And Questioned The Hypocrisy Of The Situation


Which one of these women is beautiful? If you chose any one..think about where your ideals of beauty came from. They are all beautiful. Not one is more or less beautiful than the other. If you had 4 children, which one is more beautiful? Yes it is sick to even think a mother should judge the beauty of her children..yet the media sets up competitions like this..which filter down to the children. Boycott anything that puts an "ideal" on you and the children of this Earth. You are not here to be judged. You are more than physical beings..and yet all of your physical is incredible. They try to put you in boxes..dictating that you must fit in one..but I say..create your own life..create your own is not about what others is what you want it to be. You are beautiful..and if only you were taught that, instead of being given a template of what it should would all be happy with what and who you are right now!!! There is no template for beauty..because YOU ARE ALREADY BEAUTIFUL! Man..woman..transgender..big..small..tall..short...all of you are my Miss or Mrs World! Namaste Shalom Salaam. Gaia Mother Sofia Allah Maa #missworld

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She makes a valid point, yet, it doesn’t take away from the hard work our current Miss World has put in. It may be a western concept that has seeped into our world, but you cannot ignore the charity our pageant winners contribute to. Including our current Miss World, Manushi Chillar who raised awareness regarding menstrual hygiene as a part of her initiative Project Shakti, in which she visited 20 villages and educated around 5,000 women in total. Maybe what we need to do is find a balance between expanding our worldview while keeping in mind the fragility of the situation.

But the question is: Do we look up to only such women of a certain colour, figure and height as goodwill ambassadors of the world? Maybe the pageants should consider being more inclusive of beauty in the future; given that beauty, really does have no set definition. And it doesn't do any justice by tag-lining their contestants as beauty with brains. What defines beauty, really? And who decides whether or not one is beautiful? 


I guess, it's all good food for thought. 

Published on Nov 22, 2017
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