Why Users Are Snapping At The New Snapchat Update

Why Users Are Snapping At The New Snapchat Update

The first Snapchat update of 2018 is here and it's run into a controversy and even has its own bit of fake news. The app has a totally new look that has made it extremely difficult for us loyal snapchatters to view stories, send snaps or even chat (this is major for me because nowhere else did I get to chat and immediately find out if someone is saving my chat or taking a screenshot of it).

 snapchat 1

The most noticeable and annoying change of the app has to be the fact that when you swipe right, you have access to the discover section and not your friend's stories anymore, and this is just the beginning of the change!

snapchat 2

So where the hell are the stories, you ask? Swipe left and you will see that all your friend's stories have shifted to where you used to chat with them. Exactly like this: 

snapchat 3

So now you are forced to chat, send snaps and view stories at one place with all your friends. It has become almost impossible to decipher your personal chat messages from story updates. The annoying features of the update don't end here. Instead of getting a list of all stories, you will see stories of only those friends whom you talk to the most, so you have to randomly scroll up and down if you want to see what other people are upto, which means you will miss out on a lot of updates. From the people you don't often talk to but updates nonetheless!

Moreover, you can't view all story updates continuously because now to move from one story to another you have to click the centre of your screen and if there are 40 story updates together, you have to click the centre of your screen... 40 times!

Another weird change has been that in your discover section, where you could see only editorials from leading magazines and content websites along with stories of celebrities you CHOSE to follow, now you can see random bloggers or other public stories even when you don't want to follow them.

There is a tweet thread going around that urged Snapchat to bring back the old format if it gets 50k re-tweets. By now its got 1.5 million but there still hasn't been any change so we're not sure how credible this re-tweeting business is. Nevertheless, this update has been a phenomenal buzzkill for snapchatters everywhere.

What do you think? Do you like using the app or would you too want the new update to be rolled back? Let us know in the comment section below!

Images: Snapchat, Shutterstock