5 Skincare Tips To Keep In Mind Before And After Working Out

5 Skincare Tips To Keep In Mind Before And After Working Out

Working out is actually great for both our physical and mental health- toxins get removed from our bodies and endorphins get released too. But what about our skin? While we're working out, we tend to sweat a lot. Sweat can clog your pores, so cleansing your skin after a workout is essential. But other than that, physical activity is actually known to reduce stress and slow down the process of skin aging. 

So, it's actually as important to look after your skin before it is before and after working out as it is to actually workout. So here are a few simple and easy rules to follow for healthy and happy skin. 

Skip The Makeup If You Can

This seems like a basic one but actually working out with makeup on is disastrous for your skin. This is because your body heats up during a workout and your pores open. You don’t want that makeup to settle back into the pores cause that'll cause oiliness, breakouts, and all sorts of gunk buildup. Your skin should be able to breathe while you're hitting the gym. However, if you aren't comfortable with a bare face, try using a tinted moisturiser or sunscreen that'll give you light coverage.


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Keep Toner Packs With You At All Times

Toner pads are cotton pads that come pre-soaked product. Depending on your skin type, you can pick one that works. Toner pads with ingredients like glycolic acid and salicylic acid are perfect if you have oily or acne-prone skin. They can help rid your skin of excessive dirt and buildup and help with exfoliation.


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Wash Your Face After Working Out

This one seems like an easy one but it's super important. Wash your face gently after working out to clean the skin gently following a workout to remove bacteria and sweat residue that accumulated during your workout. Even better would be if you could hit the shower after working out especially since sweating creates a warm environment for germs and bacteria to grow causing acne.


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Keep Your Hands Off Your Face

Your hands are touching all sorts of equipment and surfaces at the gym. Imagine how many people touched those cross trainer handles and before you could wipe it? Now, you've come in contact with all those germs and bacteria putting them on your face is a big no-no. So as much as possible steer clear of your face. This is the reason you should also have your hair tied so that you don't have to keep pushing it back.



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Hydrate As Much As You Can

Your body loses a lot of its moisture while you work out so hydrating your body and your skin is extremely important. Even hours after your gym class keep sipping on water so that you don't get dehydrated!

So, happy healthy body, mind, and skin!

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