6 Six-Word Love Stories That Will Break Your Heart!

6 Six-Word Love Stories That Will Break Your Heart!
Love stories are often romantic, but sometimes they are heartbreaking too. A while back six word story hashtag was trending on Twitter and we found some amazing love stories that’ll just melt your heart. Creating a love story out of just six words is indeed difficult, but Twitter surely has some talented bunch of people who came up with these love stories. Here, have a look.

1. Wait for what’s worth waiting for...

1 six word story Source: Chuah Kee Man on Twitter

2. Star-crossed lovers!

2 six word story Source: Marla’s Musings on Twitter

3. Closure is…necessary.

3 six word story Source: Sptmbr on Twitter

4. Every effort counts...

4 six word story Source: Deray Mckesson on Twitter

5. Well, it broke someone’s heart :P

5 six word story Source: Gautam Trivedi on Twitter

6. Break-ups are the toughest...

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