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We're Not Crying, You Are: Baba Ka Dhaba & 6 Other Times Internet Wasn't That Bad A Place

We're Not Crying, You Are: Baba Ka Dhaba & 6 Other Times Internet Wasn't That Bad A Place

After #BabaKaDhaba went viral for all the right reasons, netizens decided that it's time we use the power of the internet for good. Within days, the dhaba was flooded with hundreds of people. Not just the aam junta, companies like Tinder and Zomato also helped Baba's dhaba and made the movement a massive success! This brilliant example of humanity made us believe that there is a LOT we can do with the internet to help those in need.

After #BabaKaDhaba, many such stories came forward that promoted local vendors and their businesses. Shows that we still have hope in this world, right? Here are some stories that show us how the internet is also a place for good. A lot can happen when we stand together for the betterment of our society.

6 Stories That Proved The Power of Internet

#BabaKaDhaba was a massive success but let us not halt there. There are many more stories on the internet to prove how kindness and, of course, the internet can change people's lives for good.

Kaanji Badas Chaat Wala From Agra

Thanks to the food blogger Dhanishtha, a video of an elderly man selling Kaanji Badas in Agra has gone viral. The chaat seller has been putting up his stall every day for the past 40 years! But the pandemic made his everyday survival difficult and he only earns a daily wage of Rs. 250-300 currently. 

As soon as the story went viral, people started gathering at his stall for his delicacies. His loyal customers who have been enjoying chaat at his stalls for the longest, attested to the quality and joined in to promote the local vendor. Celebrities like Parineeti Chopra and Swara Bhaskar shared his stories as well!

Where: Professors Colony, Kamla Nagar, Agra

When: 5:30 PM Onwards

Kerala School Teacher


Vidya M.R. was at the railway station in Kerala to receive her friend. That is where she met the woman who looked disheveled and disturbed. Vidya gave her food and after chatting with her a little, she realised that the woman was a retired teacher.

She updated her encounter with the woman and soon after a series of great things happened. The woman was indeed a school teacher and her students recognised her immediately. The netizens appealed to everyone to find the teacher, and as a result, authorities rescued her from the streets and took her to a shelter home.

More Like #BabaKaDhaba

Recently, Chhanga Lal Baba, an 86-year-old man who sells Bhelpuri in Faridabad, witnessed a huge flux of income in his day. All thanks to the users who made his story viral on social media platforms! Another elderly couple, who sell Chiwda Matki Bhel on Santara Road, Pune, experienced something similar. Again, all thanks to the netizens of India. 

Ranu Mandal: The Overnight Singing Sensation


Ranu Mandal proved how the internet can change someone's life overnight. The 59-year-old did not even know until 2019 that she would soon make a journey that will take her from the Ranaghat Station in Bengal to Himesh Reshammiya's studio in Mumbai.

She has recorded three songs with the composer for his movie Happy Hardy and Heer. All thanks to the video shared by a user that made her an internet sensation overnight! Her singing reminded people of the veteran and legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar and, before one could know, her fame sky-rocketed!

Another Baba Ka Dhaba From Jodhpur

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दिल्ली के मालवीय नगर की तरह हमारे शहर में भी ऐसे कई फ़ूड जॉइंट्स हैं, जिन्हें इस कोरोनाकाल में जनता के सहयोग की ज़रूरत है। उन्हीं में से एक है जोधपुर के जालोरी गेट के पास स्थित श्री राम सैंडविच जिसे चलाते हैं लक्ष्मी नारायण जी। लक्ष्मी नारायण जी बोल-सुन नहीं सकते, लेकिन उनके हाथों में जादू है। आप सभी से अनुरोध है कि इस वीडियो को शेयर करके इस कोरोनाकाल में उनके सहयोग के भागीदार बनें। और अगर जालोरी गेट की तरफ जाएँ तो एक बार उनके हाथों के सैंडविचेज़ का लुत्फ़ ज़रूर उठायें। . . . . . . . . #babakadhaba #babakadhabha #jodhpur #travelphotography #nudenails #desimeme #millionairemindset #billionaire #kota #mirzapur #shahidkapoor #miami #memesdaily #tharkilog_ #funnyjokes #rvcjinsta #sarcasm #sarcasticmemes #bollywood #bakchod #ipl #bbkivines #hindijokes #trolls_official #relatablememes #producerL @ashishchanchlani @kunal_chhabhria @harshbeniwal @anmolsachar @bhuvan.bam22 @carryminati . @idiotic_sperm @sarcasmhubb @imsrishtii @_srishti_yadav_ @rahul_astic @haq_se_single @law_of_sarcasm @schoolslife0 @_thenaughtysociety @log.kya.kahenge @__error69 @theironicalbaba @logic_humor @thememeswala @naughtyworld_ @idiotic_sperm @_dekh__bhai__ @virat.kohli @_dekh_.bhai @sarcaster.memes @_sarcaster

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This another overwhelming story went viral after RJ Kaplesh shared it on his social media handles. Lakshmi Narayan Ji is a sandwich seller who has been putting up his stall in Jodhpur for years now. He can neither speak nor listen but, that does not stop him from making one of the tastiest street-style sandwiches that you are absolutely going to love.

RJ Kaplesh's story received hundreds of comments and around 50K views. Since then, he is utilising his social media for good and promoting dhabas that need our help and support.

"Groom For My Mother"

It's quite common for parents to find the right match for their kids. However, the opposite is not so common. In fact, women remarrying in the second inning of their life is still something a lot of people look down upon. And, that is why, it was such a delight to see this young girl, Aastha Varma, who shared a tweet about finding a suitable husband for her mother. Adorable, right?

Aastha wrote, "Looking for a handsome 50-year-old man for my mother! :) Vegetarian, Non Drinker, Well Established. #GroomHunting" She posted the sweetest photo with her mother and netizens went all 'awww'.

We hope these stories have inspired you today. Most importantly, we hope that this story inspires you to use the internet for the best!

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