Kidnapping & Bride Swapping: Kasautii Zindagii Kay Takes Drama To Ekta Kapoor Heights!

Kidnapping & Bride Swapping: Kasautii Zindagii Kay Takes Drama To Ekta Kapoor Heights!

As most of us are well aware, Kasautii Zindagii Kay's reboot is Ekta Kapoor's latest undertaking in her world of 'K' serials. Anurag Basu and Prerna Sharma, the golden characters of the 2000s, are back on the small screen and, boy, are they in demand! The show has been doing great, becoming the 10th most-watched show on Indian television within a month of airing. What makes this show so amazing? It has the perfect recipe for a hit Ekta Kapoor production, which I think I have deciphered after watching a few of them. 

Recap: Prerna and Anurag are still denying their feelings for each other but are clearly more than just friends. This week, Prerna is getting married to Naveen (Anurag's mother's muh bola bhai) because she needs to save her family... from losing their house. P.S. Naveen is a criminal who marries women, takes them to London and trafficks them for money. His accomplice in all this is his wife who has been pretending to be his bhabhi, Madhuri, all this while. 

Now that you're up to date with all the drama, here is how you can create your own Ekta Kapoor show. Just make sure your lead actor is extremely good looking, doesn't mind elaborate dance routines to slow Bollywood songs and can cry for 15 minutes straight on camera. 

1. The Classic Bride Swap 




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From plastic surgery to bride swap and reincarnation, it's all part of the Ekta Kapoor handbook. In Kasautii Zindagii Kay, Anurag swapped Prerna with Madhuri at the mandap and got Naveen and Madhuri married once again. How did Anurag manage to get an extra pair of the lehenga and jewellery within 10 minutes? We may never know. This is the magic of Indian television!

2. Kidnap The Unwilling Bride

Anurag kidnaps Prerna because she is all set to marry a criminal and ruin her life. Prerna, on the other hand, only sees the dollar bills that will save her family. Sigh, the drama! Either way, make sure that the hero kidnaps the heroine for the greater good in your TV show just like in Ekta Kapoor's.

3. Maine Jhoot Nahi Bola

Pick a villain who will deny the accusations no matter how concrete the proof. He will always blame other people and is frankly the most determined character in the show, like our Mr Naveen. Naveen was confronted in front of the entire family at the wedding as Madhuri spilled the beans about him being a devil in disguise and he had the audacity to deny it! That's quite a man. 

4. Mute Spectators For Family

kasautii zindagii kay - mute spectators family

Find an extremely large family. Anything below ten family members will not do. But make sure they stay quiet during the controversial and confrontational scenes, just gasping in shock and stating the obvious. When Anurag confronted Naveen and Madhuri screamed out loud, 'Haan yeh mera pati hai,' the entire Basu and Sharma khandaan watched the drama unfold with tears in their eyes and a shocked expression that would even put Meena Kumari to shame. 

5. Dayaan Bani Damsel

Madhuri may be spilling the beans about Naveen and his dark side but she definitely isn't doing it for the greater good. She only went along with Anurag's plan because Naveen was actually getting attracted to Prerna and was planning on making her his second wife instead of trafficking her in London. Hence, this caused Madhuri to act like a damsel in distress and bring forth her half-hearted, yet true sad story. This is why your villain needs a sidekick aka Madhuri, that may overthrow him/her one day.  

There you go! Here are the perfect ingredients for a superhit Ekta Kapoor show. Also, make sure your leads are constantly avoiding confronting their feelings for each other as it adds to the excitement and gives the show's ratings a boost.

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