Wait, What, When? Varun Dhawan Hints Who's Gonna Be The Next B-Town Bride & It's Major!!!

Wait, What, When? Varun Dhawan Hints Who's Gonna Be The Next B-Town Bride & It's Major!!!

As the pictures from Varun Dhawan's wedding keep coming in installments, the frenzy is still going strong. Let's just say that starting 2021 with a celeb wedding has surely done well for our spirits. And guess what? If rumours (read, a significant hint by Varun himself) were to be believed, we'd be seeing one more major celeb wedding this year. Who this might be you ask? *Drumrolls*...it's Shraddha Kapoor. Yes!!!

The actress is rumoured to be dating photographer Rohan Shrestha currently and it was Varun's response to his wedding wishes recently that set the gossip mills running. Rohan had wished Varun by writing “Congratulations VD and Nats. When you know you know! VD you’re a lucky guy!” in his Instagram story. And soon enough, Varun re-shared the story and replied to it by writing, "I truly am. Hope you are ready." Isn't that a huge hint?


As per the reports, Shraddha and Rohan have been dating since 2019 and the two came closer after a photo shoot. She is truly his muse and he regularly posts pictures of her on his photography account. But wait there's more.

Now, Shakti Kapoor has also opened up about Shraddha's relationship with Rohan and he's all praises for the phorographer. This is what he had to say in a recent interaction with a popular news portal: "Rohan is a very nice boy. He does come home but he has come home since childhood. Shraddha hasn't told me that she plans to marry him. To me, they are still just childhood friends... I do not know if they are serious about each other. "

He further added, "I don't know what reports and speculations are surfacing on the Internet. But I shall always stand by my daughter... in every decision of her life, she takes, including her marriage. Why only Rohan Shrestha? If she comes and tells me whoever she has chosen and wants to settle down with, I will not have any objection." 


Now, while he might not have given a clear answer on their wedding plans, we clearly, remember Anil Kappor quashing Varun-Natasha's wedding rumours just two weeks before the wedding. So you know how that goes! 

Rest assured, we can totally use another celeb wedding and would love to see Shraddha turning into the next B-town bride. *Fingers crossed*

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