From Emily In Paris To Mirzapur: 9 Shows That Need To Release Their Next Season Already!

From Emily In Paris To Mirzapur: 9 Shows That Need To Release Their Next  Season Already!

A few weeks ago, I finished watching Marvel Studio's WandaVision on Hotstar. And honestly, the world seems a little dull now. I mean, isn't that how you feel every time you wrap up a good show? I know I do!

It's a god awful feeling when we bid farewell to our favourite fictional characters for good, but it gets even worse when we're left at a cliffhanger. Is the person dead? Are they getting married? Does he know? WHAT'S HAPPENING? These are some of the questions that completely fill us up while we desperately wait for the show's next instalment.

If you know what we mean, then chances are that you are eagerly looking forward to the sequel of some of your fave series as well. And seriously, it's high time that the makers listen to us desperate souls and release the next season already. So, read on to know about all the web series and shows that should release their sequels, like RN!

9 Shows With The Most Anticipated Sequels

While we'd be happy if shows like Naagin decided to take a break from releasing infinite sequels, we'd really appreciate watching the new seasons of these following series. *Just saying*



Regency-era dramas are mostly known for extending their storylines and leaving their audience high and dry with curiosity. However, Bridgerton was quite refreshing as it wrapped up the first season by tying up every loose end and answering all the questions. Who's Lady Whistledown? Answered. Does the Duke of Hastings aka Regé-Jean Page overcome his childhood traumas? Answered.

Despite the satisfying ending, fans are more than eager to binge-watch Bridgerton season 2. And this time, the sequel is going to be all about Anthony Bridgerton and his quest to find his 'perfect bride'. But wait, what about his lady love? Cannot wait to find out more!



If there was a game of 'most frustrating cliffhangers ever', then the Mirzapur franchise would win it easily. The second season left the audience confused, angsty and wanting for more. Yes, we did witness some satisfying vengeance, but only partially. Without revealing much, can Amazon Prime drop the third season, please? We have SO many questions after all.

The Bold Type


We like to believe that the lives of people working in publishing firm are more or less like that of Carrie Bradshaw. Well, it's not! And if you want to know what it's like to work at a magazine, then you have to watch The Bold Type. It's the perfect mix of Suits, Gossip Girl and Sex And The City. Sounds fun, right? It will be a lot more fun if we get the fifth and final instalment of the show already 'cuz we need to know what's happening with Kat, Sutton, and Jane ASAP! 

The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives


You can hate it, love it, but you just cannot ignore it. Whether you found the show cringey or scripted, no one could deny that it was a dream-come-true for every gossip lover ever! And that's probably why The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives has been renewed for season two. TBH, we are looking forward to all "sacche kisse" that Bhavna Panday promised to discuss with us in the new season.

Money Heist


Bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao ciao ciao... Okay, we will stop. But, only when we know that we are going to hear this song soon in the new season of Money Heist. The Netflix series featuring an intriguing heist left its loyal fans quite clueless at the end of season 4. And it appears that we will have to wait longer for season 5 as it has been delayed further. *BRB, crying at a corner.*

Made In Heaven


Alright! It has been three years since Made In Heaven season 1 released and we think we have waited long enough for the next instalment, right? Apparently not. It was earlier revealed that the second season of the bold and intriguing show would release in January 2021. However, it now appears that viewers will have to wait a little longer. Seriously, cannot wait to find out what Shobhita Dhulipala will do next in the series after such a theatric exit at the end of season 1.

Emily In Paris


Emily In Paris had its own WTH moments and the biggest one was when it got nominated for Golden Globes 2021. But NGL, we are excited to know what will happen with Emily Cooper and Gabriel next. Also, gotta admit, we are always up for taking some style inspo from Emily and her fab friends.



Arshad Warsi and Barun Sobti blew our minds with their cutting-edge crime drama. And now that we know who the real Asur is on the show, we really need to watch season 2 ASAP!



It was a good day when Sushmita Sen confirmed Aarya season 2 on her Instagram handle! The actress, who plays a badass gangsta on the show, shared a beautiful snap on her 'Gram and wrote in the caption, "She sees a storm the mirror!!! 👊❤️ #Aarya #season2 😉 “your wish is our command” 🤗💃🏻 I love you guys!!! Let’s do this @madhvaniram."

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Dear makers, kindly drop the new seasons STAT 'cuz we just cannot wait any more!

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