Not Janmo Janmo Ka Saath: These Bollywood Marriages Lasted For A Really Short Time

Not Janmo Janmo Ka Saath: These Bollywood Marriages Lasted For A Really Short Time

Marriage is an institution that requires effort and two people who constantly need to (and want to) work at being together. Sometimes, people do their best and sometimes they're just not meant to be. Some of these stories were doomed from the start but some you expect will work out despite the odds. But when two people fail and they fail so soon that you will be shocked at the seemingly little time they gave the relationship. So, here is a list of a few Bollywood couples with the shortest marriages.

1. Karan Singh Grover and Shraddha Nigam

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Karan Singh Grover was married to Shraddha Nigam back in 2008. Their marriage lasted for only 10 months, though. It is strongly believed that it didn't last because of Karan's extramarital affairs. He then married Jennifer Winget shortly after his split with Shraddha. Karan is now hapilly married to Bipasha Basu.

2. Anurag Kashyap and Kalki Kochelin

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Anurag Kashyap and Kalki Koechlin were married for 2 years. Their split was however, not on a very bad note. But Anurag Kashyap on one of his interviews said that he is not done with the relationship and wants to get back with her. Aww! They are however still not together.

3. Karan Singh Gill and Mallika Shehrawat 

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Mallika Sherawat has never accepted this in any of her interviews ever but she was married to a pilot named Karan Singh Gill for 1 year. She, however, called off her wedding to make her career in Bollywood.

4.Pulkit Samrat and Shweta Rohira

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Pulkit Samrat was married to Shweta Rohira for 1 year before they split. Pulkit was rumoured to be dating Yami Gautam, his co-star shortly after his split. Shweta Rohira also happens to be Salman Khan's rakhi sister.

5. Manisha Koirala and Samrat Dahal

Manisha Koirala got married to Samrat Dahal in Kathmandu, Nepal. Their marriage apparently ended on a very bitter note and lasted for only two years. She once even made a comment that "my husband is my biggest enemy".

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6. Karan Singh Grover and Jenniffer Winget

Karan Singh Grover married Jenniffer Winget shortly after he divorced Shraddha Nigam. Unfortunately, their marriage didn't last for too long as well. 2 years is the only time they spent together! It was rumoured to be due to Karan's off and on affairs with his co-stars!

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