Just In: Shloka Mehta Is In Berlin With Her Besties For Her Bachelorette Party!

Just In: Shloka Mehta Is In Berlin With Her Besties For Her Bachelorette Party!

By now I’m sure everyone knows who Shloka Mehta is. I mean we’ve seen her engagement, pre-engagement and so many other party photos that it’s difficult not to recognize her. And for those of you who have no idea who I’m talking about, she is the to-be bahu of the Ambani khandaan. Yes, she and Akash Ambani have been dating ever since school and their perfect love story is finally inching towards marriage.

In her latest pictures, Shloka Mehta has been spotted in Berlin, Germany for her bachelorette party. She’s obviously painting the town all shades of fun with her crew and enjoying the last days of being a single gal.

Shloka is clearly a Game of Thrones fan because the matching tees worn by everyone says ‘Knights Watch’ on it. While her gang is in black t-shirts, the Ambani bahu has her bride mode on in a white tee that reads bride-to-be and a tiara to complete the look. Oh, don’t we love a smiling dulhan!

The matching pink PJs are #SquadGoals!!


My God, they are all really taking that matchy-matchy to the next level! 


The engagement happened earlier in July this year and the two looked like a match made in heaven. We still don’t know what the official wedding date is but if sources are to be believed then they’ll be having a year-end shaadi. 

Wishing this couple nothing but love and happiness! ❤

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