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Shilpa Shetty Speaks Up About Racism At Sydney Airport: This Will Not Be Tolerated

Shilpa Shetty Speaks Up About Racism At Sydney Airport: This Will Not Be Tolerated

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty was in Australia recently to attend an event. The actress was travelling from Sydney to Melbourne with Qantas Airways and faced an unpleasant experience with the staff of the airline. She wrote on Instagram that the staff mistreated her and her team because they were all 'brown'. 

Shilpa posted a picture of herself at the airport, with a duffle bag on the floor, explaining what happened with her in Sydney.




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Subject: #Qantas airways @qantas This should get your attention! Travelling from Sydney to Melbourne and at the check in counter met a grumpy #Mel ( that’s her name)who decided it was “OK” to speak curtly to “US” ( Brown people!!) travelling together ,I was flying business and had 2 bags (my allowance)and she insisted and decided my half empty Duffel bag was oversized( to check in!!) So she sent us to check it in at the other counter dealing with “Oversized luggage” ..there a Polite lady(yes this one was) said ..”this ISN’T an oversized bag, pls check this in manually if u can at another counter” ( all this happening while the counter is going to shut in 5 mins) As the manual check in wasn’t going thru for 5 mins( we tried) I went upto #Mel and requested her to put the bag thru as her colleague said it wasn’t an oversized bag.. She refused again.. Just being adamant especially when I told her this is causing a lot of inconvenience .. We had no time to waste so we ran to the oversized baggage counter and requested her to put the bag through which she did after I told her that #Rude #Mel had issues !!!.... to which another colleague joined in an reiterated my duffle wasn’t oversized and could’ve easily been checked in. The point is .. This piece is only for #quantas airlines to know and take cognisance .. that their staff must be taught to be helpful and TONE can’t change with preference to #COLOUR .”WE” are NOT #pushovers and they MUST know that being #callous and #Rude will NOT BE TOLERATED 🙏✋🏼💔. Ps: Please tell me if that bag in the picture is oversized??!! @australia @visitmelbourne @travel #truthmustbetold #bemused #uncalledfor #standup #equality #whatswrongisnotright #instapic #travelwoes #shocking #nightmare #notcool

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She was carrying the duffle bag that the airline staff refused to let her take as hand baggage, and insisted that she check it in. Another staff member of the airline told her it wasn't oversized, but the lady who had refused to allow it didn't budge. Shilpa believed that the lady tried to push them over because of the colour of their skin.

This isn't the first time that Shilpa has faced racism. Even during her time in Big Brother house in the UK, Shilpa was subjected to racists remarks made by some of the contestants on the show. The 43-year-old actress was vocal about her struggles with racism and she still continues to talk about it openly. 

Shilpa is currently in Melbourne, proceeding with her work.

Not just Shilpa, but actress Richa Chadha has also tweeted about a racist encounter when she was exiting Georgia. 

We hope more and more people talk about racism and aware others that discrimination on the basis of colour needs to stop now.

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