#VideoOfTheDay: This YouTube Beauty Collab Is The Best Thing You Will See Today!

#VideoOfTheDay: This YouTube Beauty Collab Is The Best Thing You Will See Today!

Pretty Little Liars was my favourite show growing up. I am saying growing up because I started watching when I was 18 and the show ended when my youth did too! But yes, I have been a PLL loyalist, so I follow the leading ladies ardently on social media. Shay Mitchell is by far my favourite. I started following her on Instagram first and I LOVED her feed. Then I would see her Snapchat and relate to her love for food and travel and of course the jokes she made. 

Her Youtube channel is everything you'd want to watch on Youtube. Her vacay videos are a dream come true for everyone with wanderlust, her food videos are unique and will leave you salivating. But she always does something extraordinary for her beauty videos. This video was no different. Her latest beauty video was a collab with the super awesome Manny MUA, mega Youtube star and beauty guru extraordinaire. That by itself is probably enough to make me want to watch it BUT they decided to take it up a notch. 

They decided to do a 'Red Light Challenge', which basically meant that Shay would drive through 5 red lights and that's all the time Manny would have to do his makeup. How exciting right? Here's the video.

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I think Manny killed it but I am also super excited to see what Shay comes up with next week. Here's another one of her beauty videos that she did with master makeup illusionist, Mimi Choi! 

Do you have a fave Youtuber? Tell me about them and I'll binge watch this weekend!

Main image: Instagram