Saas-Bahu Goals: Sharmila Tagore Can't Stop Gushing Over Kareena Kapoor's Best Qualities

Saas-Bahu Goals: Sharmila Tagore Can't Stop Gushing Over Kareena Kapoor's Best Qualities

Kareena Kapoor Khan is finally back with a new season of her much-loved talk show, What Women Want. For the first episode of the season, she had a very special guest. None other than the begum of Pataudi herself--veteran actor and her mother-in-law Sharmila Tagore.

The royal Pataudi family has always been in the limelight and people can't get enough of them. I mean, they're royals AND movie stars! So you can guess that this episode was highly anticipated. 'Coz everyone wants to know the relationship the most iconic saas-bahu duo share.

Well, the episode certainly delivered in that regard. Kareena quizzed the OG Begum of Pataudi on several topics, from how she balanced her work and family back in the day and who her favourite grandchild is. But, the most touching part of the interview was when Kareena asked her mother-in-law about what she thought were Kareena's best and worst qualities. “What is the one thing that you think I am good at and the one thing that you think I could improve at?” she asked.

And if you expected Sharmila to be the typical cold and diplomatic mother-in-law, you are mistaken! Sharmila couldn't stop praising her bahu, and went on and on about what she liked about her.


Sharmila first said that she really like that unlike Saif and Soha, Kareena was very quick to respond to text messages. “I like your consistency. I like the way you keep in touch because I know that if I sent you a message, you will invariably answer. Saif would, not Soha. Soha most certainly won’t reply. I mean, she will take time, but you will reply,” she said.

Next, she said that she loves that Kareena is really considerate about her mother-in-law's likes and dislikes when she visits her and Saif. “If I am coming to the house, you will ask me what I like to eat and I get what I want. That must be the Kapoor trait because you keep a wonderful table,” the 75-year-old said.

That's not all! Sharmila also recalled the emotional moment when her ailing husband, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi (Or Tiger, as she lovingly calls him) was in the hospital and how Kareena stood by the family like a rock.  “I have seen you when Tiger was in the hospital and how you didn’t draw attention to yourself. It so happened that (September) 21st is your birthday and Tiger passed away on the 22nd. You were there and you were just like my children and my family. I really remember that. I have seen you during various stages, and you have been rather wonderful, I must say,” Sharmila said.

Awww...that's the most touching thing a mother-in-law can say to her daughter-in-law! And the best part? When Kareena asked her about her flaws, Sharmila said, "I can't think of any. I just hope you remain the same." We're not crying, you're crying!

Bebo also asked her other fun questions, like which grandchild is the apple of her eye and who is the weirdest member on the family Whatsapp group. Being her typical graceful self, the begum stuck to diplomatic replies. Watch the entire interview here:

We have to say, Season 2 of the show started with a great episode and we hope the relationship between the two begums continues to thrive!

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